How to Use Cardigan

If the days are not so cold you can wear a jacket that has a special charm and never goes out of style. The Cardigan is an extremely versatile piece that makes up the look with elegance and leaves the woman ready for any occasion from your day.

The play originated as a tribute to the Earl of Cardigan, general James Thomas Brudenell, who commanded British officers in the Crimean War (1853-1856).
The Cardigan was part of the uniforms of the army, but soon in the 20th century was adopted by golfers.
Who gave a special touch and the play was Coco Chanel and since women in the 20:30, wore the accessory with dresses and skirts.

But with advances in sets the fashion Cardigan was democratic enough and can currently be used with pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans and leggings. The result is fantastic and always leaves a retro touch in visual. The only recommendation to use the Cardigan’s know to combine the piece with the rest of the clothes not to increase the measures and lose the harmony’s look.

Women casualties or those who are overweight should choose models with V-necklines and avoid using cardigans that have pockets or very structured fabrics.Skinny women to the piece may be used with a belt over to encourage the silhouette. The Cardigan leaves the elegant woman, extremely feminine and have a romantic appeal, the piece can be used with accessories that add up to the look more relaxed and letting the stripped.