How to Turn on Light Point

It is very common to want to turn 1 point of light in 2, mainly in rooms and other spaces with 1 single point of light in the center of the ceiling, where the idea is to create two environments, each with your own lighting on the ceiling. For each point of light to fire independently, there are 2 circuits, and for this it is necessary to move in the electrical installation connecting the switch to each point on the ceiling. Just to cap the existing point of light and create other 2, new, it is possible to create recesses in the ceiling, without having to break the ceiling.

These recesses can be of wood or plaster, open or closed on the sides, and being smaller, creating the feeling of a loose box on the ceiling, or wider, taking almost the entire environment. This second solution leaves the more homogeneous decoration, but is not suitable for very low spaces, because decreases even more height and can generate feeling of claustrophobia.

Can be made in that recess tears where if you want to create lighting points, and these locations do not need necessarily to light fixtures.Just leave the gap open and embed tubular fluorescent lamps, or even close the gap with glass, recessed lighting. Open spans are lighter, but on the other hand tend to accumulate dust.

And if the intention is really to avoid crashing, even altering the circuits from the switch, the same idea can be extended to the point of firing on the wall, creating an L-shaped Panel that conceals all wiring path. It can be from a single panel and closed to small panels that create a more dynamic and lightweight composition, or a great Panel leaked.

With a little creativity, the initial challenge of creating new points of lighting without breaking the ceiling can turn the project party at FranciscoGardening, with solutions that add value and various effects to the decoration.