How to Train Your Chest Muscles

Chest muscles education for many is the main source of income in the gym. How do you train the chest muscles, so that you can see through your clothes that you have some “Iron Pecs”. In this article a number of tips for optimal training your chest muscles.


When you train your chest muscles can actually focus on two areas. On the bottom and on the top of the chest. The top is in most people’s part that often it is left on the bottom of the chest. Training the upper chest muscles “closure” exercises are done as “incline bench press” and “incline dumbell flyes” etc. When more focus on the base that’s when we have examples of ‘decline bench press. Since the upper chest almost always use a little help, it is important to do a lot of “tilt” chest exercises.
There is also something called education on the inside of the breast. This is a fable. the muscles run horizontally across your body. it is impossible to work out a page of a muscle does and the other does not …

Several Times a Week

Around Most people choose to train their chest muscles 1 to 3 times per week. Both options can work very well.Whether it will work well due to several factors. So you three times a week to train the chest muscles better able to reduce the number of sets to 6 or lower. Moreover, it is then impossible every day to go to the crime. It is better to do it than almost never do. When choosing to practice once a week in the chest, then settled for “error” or will do well, because your nervous system has enough time to recover. Further training once a week on the chest is approximately assumed 6 to 12 sets.
The heavier someone training the person needs more rest to recover fully. Someone to train 200 kg in bench press makes it generally less often than someone who pressed 50 kg. This has to do mainly with the recovery of the nervous system. For a beginner train three times a week to do so often recommended, and because they are more advanced than the number of times down.


Important in the training of the chest is controlled to perform the movements. So do not throw too much and take advantage of the momentum. Push the weight up faster than you again lowered. There are many variations, but a good rule of thumb is, for example, the bench press for two seconds the weight up and then just see it for 4 seconds bags.


Variety is very important not so fast to reach a plateau and keep surprising the body. Muscles grow namely, when to do which is actually too heavy for things as they are and where they are not accustomed. If you always do the same thing, you will also remain the same … How to change at least once every three months, your training so that you can disprove a new type of tax on your muscles. In this way, pecs workout more fun and productive.


Well… There’s a reason saying among bodybuilders that make your muscles in the kitchen. No building blocks = not muscle. How do enough nutrition. Without power have for you will soon stop making progress. This really is the foundation on which you build your training.
Good luck to train your chest muscles. I know I feel it again this weekend went with a couple of “dumbbell” and a bench. Do not you think?