How to Tie a Scarf Men

If I were a man, I would definitely wear a headscarf. When it comes to men’s formal wear, men’s choices are so limited-why don’t you differentiate of wearing a veil?

How to Tie a Scarf Men

Here are some tips for wearing an asset:

1.   When you use a scarf

Ascots are mainly used for formal attire. I’m originally from England, where they were taken in the late 19th century. (The link takes its name from the English Wholesaleably.) It is a derivative of a more formal tie worn by men, in the early 19th century. The handkerchief was so heavily starched and richly bound, unlike scarf today.

2.   Tissue

Ascots are available in almost any fabric you can think of, from silk ties men’s Ascot corduroy ties. Try to match the weight and trim the fabric to the fabric of your dress. If you use a wool suit, then a wool or cashmere is appropriate. With a lightweight fabric for your gown, go with a mixture of silk or of silk.

3.   Color

Ascots offer a tremendous opportunity to introduce a touch of color to your wardrobe. Think Pink.

4.   How to tie

For those who are challenged when it comes to tie a men’s scarf, there are some that come with velcro closures and some who still come pre-registered. Otherwise, here is how to tie a scarf. (There are two ways.) Tie exactly how it would tie a necktie for a draw “Ruche,” or tie in shape for an Edwardian “Jabot” traditional tie. Depending on how you choose to tie, you can use the ends of your shirt or under your collar.

5.   To add the PIN

How many chances a man should use subtle jewelry, but tasteful, while still come across as masculine? Not much! Take the opportunity to use a pin with your handkerchief. A scarf pin is basically a PIN with a garnish of top and something to keep the safety pin at the bottom. Stick the loop so that the two flaps of fabric does not break up. The Jabot tie looks especially good with a PIN.

6.   Attitude

Some articles of clothing require a certain amount of attitude to pull off, and a scarf is definitely one of them. If you want to see a lace dress well, check out Jeremy Piven 2006 Emmy Awards ceremony. Of course it’s okay if you’re already pretty and confident. To use a handkerchief with success, just pretend to yourself that you are using a regular tie, in order not to design the self-consciousness.

You heard it here first. Ascots will become a must-have fashion accessory for the formal wear for men. Actually, I don’t know why they haven’t got already, except, perhaps, for the influence of Hugh Hefner. (Whatever you do, don’t associate the scarf with a tuxedo jacket and stretch pants red. ……)