How to Stop Your Tent from Leaking

No matter how well built tent or claims made ​​by the manufacturer, tents leak. Most modern tents are double – seamed and coverage of seam sealer is applied to seams to keep rain from entering the seam. During use, these coatings may deteriorate and allow water to penetrate inches annual maintenance of these seams with new coating of seam sealer or applying seam tape allows the tent to keep his time waterproofing.

Things you’ll need: 
Seam sealer compound
Seam tape
Talcum powder
Show more instructions:

Faced tent in open space with access to ventilation. Unzip the windows and doors to allow air flow and set any rain fly away now.

Explore the camping tent seams inside and out. Look for all the obvious flaws, pulling strings or other issues that can lead to leaks. Apply a heavy coat of seam sealer compound damaged seams according to the instructions of the pipe product. Go to the tent and apply a light coating over all the seams in the walls and around the edge of the flooring, doors and windows. Make sure contacts sealing all threads seam and reapply if necessary.

Apply new seam sealer peeling factory-installed seam tape and press it down against the seams ten tons for 30 seconds to establish a strong connection. Use sufficiently adhesive so as to press on both sides of the tape lightly to obtain a seal associated with the seam. Replace old seam tape with a new one if it is absent or severely damaged. Push the new tape down on the seams so that it fully covers all topics.

Lay the rain – fly on a flat surface and check the seams for flaws. Apply a thin layer of seam sealer to all joints in motion. Allow the glue or glue joints to dry for 24 hours.

Removing the poles and lower the tent. Fold all poles and tent, so it is ready for secure storage.