How to Save Energy at Home

Payments for electricity and gas together with payments for water budgets are increasingly important components of Czech households. Every year, in addition to gas and electricity prices increase. Although it is possible energy costs significantly reduced, not all households to go in the right way. Instead of a comprehensive view of the matter with families trying to save other methods such as restrictions on the use of lighting, the shower instead of washing in the bath and so on. To reduce energy costs, however, can do much more. A few basic tips on how to save energy will give you this brief overview.

How to Save Energy at Home

Changing suppliers

Gas and electricity supplies in the Czech Republic provides several companies. If you think the price of energy, you pay your suppliers too high, you can go to the competition. For comparison, the prices of gas suppliers serve several online calculators where you can after completing the basic data to determine how the contractor will save the most. Although at first glance it may seem that the differences are not so crucial, a year can save up to several thousand.

Replacing appliances

Purchase a new dishwasher, refrigerator or TV is indeed a thing costly and may therefore appear to households on a tight budget completely unthinkable differences in consumption between modern and old appliances they are not really noticeable. The consumption of modern energy-saving appliances is often ten times lower than the old appliances, seemingly high amounts for new appliances will return in a few years. This is especially true for appliances that are used continuously, ie with refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines or need.

Mitigate heat loss

During the winter months without the use of heat probably can not do. Having released by heating is needed 24 hours a day, so it is a very energy-costly activity. By reducing the heat losses and thus reduces heating costs. Reduce heat loss can be many ways. Among the simplest includes ensuring attention to closing the windows. Especially in older homes, it is advisable to carry out the exchange of old windows or even perform thermal insulation of the building envelope, heat loss is minimized thereby noticeably.

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs

The modern generation of LED bulbs at LEDbulbbay has over incandescent bulbs up to 7% of consumption, despite the higher cost, therefore, the amount swiftly returned. Today’s LEDs can replace conventional bulbs anymore, even in terms of light colors. When shooting should, however, be observed primarily on price, unbranded products is not last very long and it is better to pay more for quality bulb that has a life and 30 years.

Using solar power

Although we still have high fixed costs associated with the purchase of photovoltaic or solar panels, their price goes fast in recent years downwards. Buy solar panels providing hot water or photovoltaic panel that generates electricity directly and get an energy source for which you do not pay.

Energy assessment

To determine whether you are more worthwhile replacement windows, insulation or a replacement of appliances with high power consumption can check to make energy assessment of the building. Experts will calculate what they will cost, and how big the result will change.