How to Rock Big Earrings?

You can’t deny that accessories can do a lot for a production: they can make you look more cool, chic and exquisite. All stations are emerging trends, and maxi wave doesn’t seem to want to say goodbye for a long time. It broke into general fashion, and were appearing in skirts, glasses, necklaces, wallets, purses, rings, etc. And you know those huge moon rocks that made a huge success last year? Since then, the maxi earrings promise to continue standing out in 2016.

Learn how to choose maxi earrings that combines with you and with the occasion

With the approach of the summer, the giant rings occupy a starring role in this maxi wave earrings in different materials, such as silver, gold, acrylic, rope, or even wood.

And, of course, everything is going to enrich the play since application of pedrarias and the innovative cutouts. These gems will be often used as a solo piece, such as in the ear cuff.

The trick is to wear more rustic maxi earrings in everyday life or in informal events!

For parties or ballads, you can choose the more exquisite maxi earrings!

But the compridinhos models will also be present with beautiful details in stone, cutouts and charm filled molds. There is no doubt that it can give a “up” in any occasion, highlighting the face;

For those with wider face, the tip is to invest in a vertical earring;

Women of square face, however, must choose wide earrings based on;

A cool tip for those with long hair is to tie the hair, make a bun or simple ponytail in order to highlight the earring.

If you choose to use only one earring instead of a couple, here is a nice ideal for you: appealing for a hairstyle that pull the hair to the opposite side of the earring;

For the people who think the joke needs to match the clothes, just try to harmonize the outfit with accessories because it is necessary to pay attention to how your vision communicates with each other.

Are you ready to try the maxi earrings?