How to Recognize a Good Bra Size?

Yet, a good bra, to be beautiful, in the chosen color, with or without lace, is a model adapted to our body, especially when it comes to a bra large size.

Too often forgotten, but a bra must above all ensure a good hold. So, we wondered how to recognize a good big bra size, what were the important criteria.

So we contacted Sandrine, specialist if any, and responsible for the website.

Ma-large-size: Hello Sandrine and thanks for answering questions that our readers are asking about lingerie. Thanks to you, we had already seen How to calculate her bra size. Today, we return to you with technical questions. How do I know if a bra large size located on a site or in a shop will maintain expected?

Sandrine: several criteria are used to see immediately what kind of bra we’re dealing. One of the first to look at, these are the straps.

I notice that many women have pain that become unbearable at the level of the passage of the bra on the shoulder. Some one even completely sheared muscle.This sometimes goes up to small injuries.

Is not a fatality.

But then, how to choose the right bra strap?

Sandrine: in fact, it is a matter of common sense. We have a heavy chest, more we have to be attentive to the matter and the width of the ramp. Banish the too thin straps and use larger models that can go up to 4 cm.

Also, forget the too elastic straps that hurt you and will relax.

OK for straps, what other advice can you give us?

Sandrine: the second thing to check, what are the cups. There still can not use the same fabric for a small chest and a heavy chest.

You have to look more closely at weaving which must be of good enough quality to not relax that ensure suddenly more no maintenance!

What will give priority at the level of the cups?

Sandrine: it is imperative that the material used for the bottom of the bonnetis a material called “blocked” (that will not deform themselves). It is this part of the bra who maintains the… If deforms in the bottom of the hat, you can say goodbye to the hope of a well-designed chest!

The second point in many look at the Cup level, of are side reinforcements.They are the ones who will give a nice shape to your chest in particular if it is very round, so a little wide.

These reinforcements approaching the breasts for an effect perfectly shaping.Without them, chest extends over the sides, that is to say if they are important!

By reading, we say that we can say goodbye to our desires of pretty lingerie size!

Sandrine: not at all! These somewhat technical materials that guarantee the bra to fully play its role can be covered with lace, embroideries, everything that can be found on a small bra size!

You really break your neck to the wisdom that we can’t wear nice lingerie if you want comfort and maintaining. All this is now possible.

You have not specified us if one were to choose a model with or without frames?

Sandrine: there are no rules. The bra without underwire allows all those who do not support a possible pressure at the level of the stomach to have a continued focus on comfort thanks to the specific mesh of the fabric of the cups.

In general, the basque under the chest is broader and respects the morphology, the straps are also wide in order to relieve the shoulders.

The number of clips in the back is important?

Sandrine: more than that what is essential is to check if the model you have selected has a “chimney” back.

For this, it is simple. Turning the bra and putting him flat (or looking on the picture), you should see a round between the two straps.

This part of the bra ensures a maintaining quality because the rounded shape avoids that it was non-stop!

For what concerns the number of clips, classically there are two, but do not be afraid to choose a model with 3 or 4 clips for the cups so that the position of the bra stays the same all day.

There is a criterion we have not talked about, Sandrine, is the price. What is a bra such as you describe is expensive?

Sandrine: it’s an important issue indeed.

Without wanting to practice the language of wood, I sincerely believe that it is not the right question. Of course the price is a selection criterion, but what is required above all to a bra, it’s “do the job”!

We have a generous bust, the more need of this guarantee of maintaining both for aesthetic questions, because without a good bra, there is no nice figure and so no clothes falling correctly. But that’s not all. From carrying of models that serve only to “decorate” the chest, playing against his own camp, and the chest falls more and more.

So, my advice is simple: buy less but better!

In the end, you you will find as cheap models do not stand up, should be changed after a few washes, while a model of quality is an investment at all levels: quality and comfort!

You know, I have many clients who tell me that when they come home, the first thing they do, is remove their bras because they are not “comfortable”, they no longer support it. This is not normal and is not a fatality.

I’ve seen women wear two or three bra one on the other to go to the gym, while choosing a good sports bra model, they would have more comfort, less risk to their chests, and without spending more! You can try Janesportsbras for best sports bra in pink.

A poorly sustained chest, are fabrics that distend, back pain, neck of shoulders…So when you think about it, it is perhaps better to put a little bit more expensive, to buy a little less, but to have a quality product that lasts several years.

In the end, it is not more expensive!

You’re now ready for future purchases of lingerie large. You silhouette pin-up!