How to Put up Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper with large patterns are not in small spaces. They create anxiety and overwhelm the space. This prejudice seems to have persisted.You should not rely on it, because if you have been in love with a pattern, do you like it in the great room as well as in small spaces. You should just listen to your gut and do not be influenced by any old rules that have no basis.

Such views are long obsolete. The wallpaper has to go with the room and especially to you. How large or small, the pattern is, it does not matter. There are now countless ways to bring the wallpaper on the wall. Let Simply drop your imagination play.

It Need Not Be The Entire Wall

If you want to choose a wallpaper with big patterns and are afraid that you are wrong with your choice, you should opt to paper not all walls with large wallpaper patterns. Put it simply a wall so that the scene and enter the other walls a solid color, matching wall covering.

Very chic and classy, ​​it also works if you put on a wall surface only two or three tracks of your favorite wallpaper. Setting you make your bed or sideboard in the living room.Between plain wallpaper you bring in the desired position by one or two cars of your pattern wallpaper. That puts your furniture to the fore and emphasizes them.

A real eye-catcher are pictures. Just fill in the pattern wallpaper in the form and size of an image to bring to your wall. Draw best measure before exactly. The transition from the pattern wallpaper for surrounding plain wallpaper you can with borders or send stucco moldings designed out of Styrofoam.

Acts something extraordinary but not reduce interest a circumferential strip of your wallpaper with a large pattern. Given glue the wallpaper simply cross at the desired height. Consider when choosing the amount that you still have furniture in the room.Even if the wallpaper is hidden now times by a cabinet, the sideboard should be over it, so that it is visible.

Create wallpaper with the calm contrasts. Too much harmony in space, the boundaries blur and merges furniture and walls to a mush. Contrasts make a room interesting and exciting. So mix light and dark. Decide at the surrounding walls of a bright hue, pattern wallpaper may be quiet right vigorously.

Incidentally fool with patterned wallpaper also quite adept on uneven walls away.