How to Organize Your Bag for Travel

One of the most difficult tasks before you travel is, without doubt, Pack, because most of the time, we end up taking unnecessary items that will not be used on the trip. To avoid this problem and be able to organize the case to travel with essential and appropriate items at destination, check out some tips on How to pack suitcase.

To begin, it is important that you know that it is not always their favorite parts of the day should come first in the trunk. Know before what the climate of the destination and what types of programs you will do there. It is essential that you take wildcard parts, which are basic, practical and match each other.

How to organize the bag

Not to let the bag jam-packed with excess weight, start with the long and heavy parts underneath, as long dresses and pants. On top, place the other lighter pieces, such as blouses, shirts, skirts and shorts. Fold the pieces as little as possible to keep the volume inside the bag. In the corners, place pieces that can be rolled like socks, pajamas and lingerie. The shoes can be wrapped in cloth bags and placed above all else.

A good tip is to put all the pieces chosen on the bed and think about all the combinations that can be made to the looks of the trip. This may help to put aside any piece you took on impulse and will end up not using.

Colors of clothes

White and black are basic colors that can be combined with other colors of clothes, such as red, green, yellow or blue. To improve the look, it is worth investing in cool accessories like necklaces, scarves or hats.


Do not leave to Pack a day before you travel, because with the anxiety and the rush, you can leave behind an item that would be essential for the trip. Make a list at least five days before with everything you will need. Thus, in the last few days you will only need to organize everything in your bag.