How to Open a Business to Personalize Cell Phone Cover

In this article I will try to be efficient and objective to show you in a straightforward and straightforward way, what you will need to open a business to customize cell phone cover via Sublimation.

So basically you will need to understand two things ; The ways to customize hoodies and the available models of hoods for sublimation.

There are now several ways to customize items(objects).

As we are talking about mobile phones, let’s just refer to the layers. Therefore, there are several ways to customize mobile phones.

Among them we have the  Silk Screen(that process  is the squeegee in a leaked screen), the   direct printing on the hood(where a flat printer, prints directly on top of the hood), has  pad printing(a process similar to a stamped on top the dust cap), we have our dear sublimation(in my opinion the most versatile and powerful) and others less used…
As  this blog is about sublimation , and in my opinion, is the most economical, versatile and powerful process… let’s talk On how to open a business of customizing cell phone cover via Sublimation.

Just to back up my claim above , the process via silk , for example, does not pay to make a custom item, just for a customer. It’s a lot of cost, a lot of work… It would only be interesting if it were to make a thousand layers with the same ” art “, for example. A printer that prints straight into the hood as well as a graphic top machine is perhaps a few dozen times more expensive than a sublimation machinery.

And another point to endorse my statement about sublimation is that  in these other 3 processes , as it is a superficial impression on the hood, if you scratch the print with some object, it will loosen, scratch or peel. While in sublimation this does not occur or in other cases, only scraping the entire resin of the object together.

But in sublimation we need the weeds to be resinated, or appropriate to be sublimated. That is to say, it is not any hood that will serve to be sublimated.

There are two basic ways to stamp, customize, or sublimate cell phones. So you can;

Stamping Cell Phone Cases – 2D Model

Stamping Cell Phone Cases – 3D Model

The 2D cell phone covers at computerannals are those that can only be printed on top. That is, you can not print the side of the hood. For example, some sheeting made from some 100% polyester fabric(such as rubberized ones) or that are lined with polyester fabrics, and the shems that are made of plastic or rubber, and have a metal plaque on top. In these cases, only the insert is sublimable. The process is to stamp the metal plate and then glue the printed plate over the hood. In such cases, the weeds already come from the manufacturer with a sturdy and appropriate self adhesive adhesive.

To print these models of 2D weights you will need a printer with sublimatic paint(preferably very good – the paint I recommend is the SUBLIGHT Probulk ®), the sublimatic paper and a flat press. This is also known as T-Shirt Printing Machine, or thermal press for sublimation….

Exactly ! The same printing press is perfect for stamping 2D cell phones via Sublimation. And vice versa!

The 3D cell phones are those that can be stamped to the side. That is, in addition to stamping the top of the hood, can also be stamped on the sides. In this case, in addition to needing a hood that is suitable for sublimation , it also needs to be suited for 3D sublimation.

The pioneering models in this type of 3D sublimation were the models made in plastic. But today this model has been improved and nowadays the sales champion, or the fever of the moment, are the transparent silicone cap.

In the case of 3D Sublimation in mobile capes, you will needfrom a printer with sublimation ink, sublimatic paper, a 3D press and mold(or tool, accessory, support, whatever the name) to support the hood when it Is heated. As the hood is plastic or silicone with heat(on average 200C) they deform. The mold needs to be specific only for each model of hood. For example, the mold of the hood of the Iphone 6 will not serve to stamp Iphone Iphone 5’s.

A further important point is that you will need to know or understand a little about the creation of art that will be printed. That is, it is crucial that you have a knowledge about tools to create and print the arts that will be stamped afterwards. If you want more advanced and professional training in this area, I do not know exactly when you are reading this article, but this is Sergio Andrei ‘s course link(in this case, I… lol) If the vacancies are all filled, Your email so I can contact you about upcoming vacancies.

I believe 100% that a product well produced , with the best quality possible, vibrant colors, very beautiful, sell more!

If you want to share your results or make any comments, follow below the post, the field that offers this possibility. In fact it is based on your comment that I know exactly how I can contribute a tip or article that is really relevant to you.