How to Match the White Leggings


The white leggings are a model a bit ‘special to wear. Surely it is suitable for those who have an absolutely perfect body, but for those who at some physical problem such as thicker legs then we must necessarily find the most appropriate solutions. We see in the guide how to match the white leggings.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Good taste and sense of style!

It must be first noted that wearing a head dress should make you feel comfortable, and that you should not wear that which you are not very convinced. What does not suit you will always end up to embarrass you and force you to worry anymore of your appearance that what happens outside.

Particularly suitable for the summer season, those white fit perfectly to any color you wish to approach. Try them with a flowered shirt or a tunic with brown or pink. If you are the type of goats, or a little above the knee, you can put them in a mini-dress arrives just below the seat: with a belt under the bust or waist will look great.

Remember to slim the figure is better to prefer the type along at least until the middle of the tibia, you will earn a few centimeters, and will not put too much in evidence the calf area, always critical!

It will be easier to wear the light color par excellence mainly day, but if you’re tanned and your skin has a nice brown color, it will not be hard to find an occasion suitable for show off evening, perhaps combining a stylish shirt.

Recommended by, the leggings have to understand that they are a cross between an elasticized pants and one sock, so you have to use adequate clothing. A fortiori that of white color definitely causes a form of distaste if not worn properly, as these types of fabrics highlight each defect, in addition to risk that it can be transparent. So the ideal is to wear wear meshes that are long at least beyond the basin, so as to cover the entire area that can appear in total transparency.

The final chapter deals with the shoes. Does not seem to be particularly suitable are heels very high stiletto, but it all depends on the accessories you choose to accompany your outfit if you wear a colored dress or a flowered shirt, with the bijoux in kind, will be perfect wedges of cork or sandals that put on show of beautiful manicured feet!