How to Make USB Connector

With several USB devices are released for computers, people tend to run out of USB ports. A great way to increase the number of USB ports on your computer is to add a USB hub. USB hubs connect to the back of the computer in one of the PCI slots. Things you need screwdriver

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1. Make sure that your computer is completely off. Remove the power cord from the computer tower.

2. Use the screwdriver to remove all the screws on the lid of the computer tower. Pull on the turn of the computer to remove the tower. You will see all the inner workings of your computer.

3. Use the screwdriver to remove one of the slot PCI covers at the rear of the bottom of the computer tower.Insert the USB PCI hub in one of the PCI slots.

4. Place the Tower on the round cover and tighten the screws to ensure its security. Plug the computer into the wall outlet and the power in place. Connect your USB devices to the USB hub and they will work as usual.

How to Remove USB Hub Root

A USB root hub is the place where all the drivers and software from your computer are stored. It is the “central workbook”of your system.” If you’re having problems with your USB devices, it may be due to a faulty USB root hub. Another reason for your USB devices do not work, is that they require more power than the USB hub allows. If you want to remove your micro USB root hub, you have to find the device manager that tells you is there are problems with your system devices. Instructions
1. Go into “start > Control Panel > system and maintenance”.

2. Click ‘System’ in the menu.

Hit “Device Manager”, then “Continue”. This opens the Device Manager so that you can see if your devices are working properly.
4. Look for “USB bus controllers”.

5. Click on the “+” sign to expand the root hubs and controllers.

6. Right-click on the hub root that you want to remove. Choose “Uninstall” to remove the hub of your system.