How to Make Spiderman Party Decoration Easy


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Get inspired in the decoration of Spider Man party

Spider-man is a comic book character that was so successful that rose from the pages to star in their own films, cartoons and games. In addition, the hero arachnid is always on high no matter the generation, being one of the favorite themes in children’s parties especially attracting the attention of children who want to be like him. Inspired by the references to Spider Man party decoration and plan your.


The Spider was created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, with a character of picture books. Beneath the mask, is Peter Parker, a teenage boy who was bitten by a radioactive spider on a school visit to a science lab. This causes Peter to win super strength and agility, as well as sharp sense. Soon, the character proceeds to protect New York City from criminals and villains assuming the identity of Spider-man. The hero’s outfit was designed by Peter himself, with reference to the arachnid that stung.

Child Birthday Party Decoration From Spider-man

Spiderman party decoration is excellent to create a colorful and full of mysteries, after all, the character has a secret identity. Inspired by the ideas for the decoration of the small party with the theme and add to your creativity.

* Red and Blue

The colors of Spider-man party decorations should be red and blue, present in the uniform of the hero. You can also include the yellow palette, this logo design, black, white and gray. Although the colors are simple, the ideal is to choose living and striking tones, as well as the nuances used by the character. For example, the tables with red towel and chairs with blue fabric, the tone of the party and still creates a super flashy environment.

* Spiders

As is to be expected, the decor needs to be to fit the spiders theme. Invest in cookies and cupcakes with drawings of the arachnid. It is also interesting to spread fake spider webs for the environment, creating even more connection to the theme. A good tip is to make a white Spider Web plot to go on top of the tables of the guests, a very different effect. You can also bet on the crepe paper and do a spider on the ceiling with hanging toy spiders. Make backups for dishes with EVA black doing the web clippings with stylus also gives a cool effect at the tables.

* Buildings

The Spider lives in New York and his favorite pastime is to climb the buildings or jump from one to the other by throwing their webs, so can’t be absent in decoration designs of buildings, mostly skyscrapers. Invest in black cardboard and make a cut only the outline of the building, creating a very nice Panel to put behind the cake table, for example. If you want you can play around with the colors red, blue, yellow and black making the buildings that color, interspersing them. Another tip is to use recyclable materials to recreate the constructs such as juice boxes, cereal and milk, which should be painted with craft paint.

* Balloons with Interjections

The balloons with interjections such as “Pow”, “Bang” and “Kabam” are very present in the Spider-Man comics, mainly in the craft toys listed on So, to make a larger connection between decoration and theme, invest in platelets in the form of balloons of comics that can be made on paper or card couch and printed at home with the interjections. Another idea is to use the balloons and write “cake of the hero”, “spider juice”, “sweethearts arachnids” and whatever else your imagination create to signal the groceries for the party.

* Panels

The panels are great to decorate the party location and can be made in a print shop with the help of a designer or made by yourself with the help of friends. There are several ideas for making panels for the Spider-man party, one is to coat the wall with red tissue and over, fix the character spider-webs and spiders. Another idea is to use the references of comics and with the help of spray paint, make buildings on a canvas or white fabric. So the party has everything to do with the topic, you can also get copies of Spiderman comic leaves in black and white and make a panel joining all the leaves, passing white glue on top to give finishing and don’t drop or tarnish, a great background for pictures.

Party decorations Spider-man promises to awaken the hero within the children and encourage the celebration of small with lots of adventure.