How to Make a Van Tent

Many tourists come to the tent included, but minibuses and older tourists sometimes miss this holiday. In these cases, you may want to buy one and make it professionally installed, or build your own. Creating a functional and attractive tent camper or van takes some many common materials available from any hardware store or home improvement. If you’re handy, installation takes about one hour.

Things would have: 
Reinforced birch
Staple gun and staples
Two half-inch PVC pipe
Two brackets
Four 90 – degree PVC corner units

Four half-inch diameter ten tons sticks
Forty-eight feet by ten tons Line
Utility knife
Tents stakes
Rubber mallet

Show more instructions:

Lay birch based on the size desired for the awning. Use reliable, durable birch, not one that breaks easily or one designed for light commercial use.

Fold the front and backs of the tarpaulin over a length of 1 inch, and staple seam to create a pocket over the entire length. Be sure to have the seams folded over a down-facing side of the canvas.

Slip half-inch PVC pipe in the front and back pouches. Cut two pieces of pipe with a hacksaw so they straddle the bag one inch on both sides.

Attach two brackets of the van or camper country where you plan to connect the shed. Place the clamps about 10 feet apart throughout the camping. They will host the back bar of the awning firmly to the structure.

Place 90 – PVC degree angled pieces on the ends of the four poles PVC pipes in front and rear of the tarpaulin. Tighten the posterior pole on the side of the camper secure and test it to make sure it will not fall freely.

Insert ten tons pillars at the corners PVC and stand on canvas to consider it. Make adjustments to the trailer or van side edge needed to get it straight and balanced.

Cut four lengths of 12 -futovi ten tons line with a utility knife. Tie the end of a tight length to one of the rear PVC corner pieces. Tie a loop at the other end and attach it to the ground using a tent pole and a rubber mallet. Repeat this step with another length of the tent line and rear PVC corner piece on the other side, pulling the tarp tight as you go. Tie one end of each of the remaining lengths of ten tons line through grommets on the front corners of your awning. Tie the other ends in loops share lines in the ground.

Adjust tent poles or lines to bet tent placed so that no slack in it and is firmly on the front.