How to Make a Makeup Sexy in 4 Steps

That woman, at least at some point, I didn’t want to feel seductive?

Is to be with the self-esteem down there, or want to get back at some banks, or even to try to conquer anyone.

So, with that in mind, we decided to show you how to make a make tremendously seductive, that that will make you increase your power of seduction in just 4 steps, Yes, believe me, you will feel able to conquer the world!

So, since the world is world, the face makeup is a great ally of women, because it allows you to highlight your strengths, as well as, disguise or hide some defeitinhos or skin problems, anyway, and why not use it to seduce? And then, if interested? OK, just follow these 4 steps, super simple and, okay, I can go out there and kick butt with his sexy makeup!

Sexy Makeup in 4 Steps

1. peach Skin

The skin is our calling card, through it we can show health, tiredness, youth, happiness … that is why it is essential to take very good care of her, let her free of blemishes and dark circles.

Therefore, clean, hydrate, use primer, a thin layer of base, preferably those liquid and fluid, suitable to your skin type, apply it with a brush to make it more uniform finish and spread the product, then use anilluminator and blush. That way you will pass a right message to anyone it hits eyes on you. On top of the base, if you will, for a more matte finish, apply a powder compact, only in the parts where it is brighter, as the region of the forehead and chin. To complete the first step of your sensual makeup, on the cheeks, to sexy effect, use a blush (tom ideal is more like the color you get when just out of the Academy) to give a striking effect to the face.

2. Seductive eyes

OK, after preparing the skin with foundation and powder, spread a shimmery shadow across the eyelid and under the eyebrows, remember that the male brain processes the eyes larger (along with the fuller lips) as basic signs of femininity, translating, they love!

It is essential that the eyebrow is well made and outlined, for it is this region that gives contour to eye makeup. It’s like the frame of a picture, another tip is abusing nude pencil on water line to further enhance the eyes. And to the sensual makeup stay even more beautiful, the tip is to bet on a dark shadow, because the dark eyes if signed as icon of seduction, in ballad, for example, the black eye is King! But, in case you get afraid of investing entirely in black, balance the effect of heavy dark colors with points of light in the eye. This softens the weight of the eyelids and leave the makeup more harmonious.

3. doll Eyelashes

Today it’s impossible to think of a sexy makeup and not think, immediately, in bulky, long lashes and defined, and for that, of course, a mask of Cilia is essential, really, you can’t leave home without it. And the coolest thing is that it is super simple to apply the mask, you won’t spend even 5 minutes to supercharge your eyelashes. Two or three layers, and ready, it’s a Diva! If you really want to, the tip is perfect Divar on the eyelashes, spending many mask layers, or appeal to the false eyelashesthat will give that fueled the look.

4. Crimson Lips

And, of course, can’t imagine a sexy makeup that does not come accompanied by a Crimson mouth, she is everything! Pure power! According to research, there is a strong link between the perception of female attractiveness and red lipstick. The men love Womens lips and be mesmerized by your, if you are using red lipstick. So, finish with a red lipstick, and in order to facilitate implementation, use the retractable mouth brush.