How to Look Younger Than Your Age Home Remedies

We all would like to look younger than our age, no plastic surgery, it is clear! Here nature comes to our aid … 7 little tricks and gimmicks that help you show a few years younger! We are beautiful when we are healthy !! Remember this!

Every woman wants to look younger than his age , which has 30 or 60.

There are little secrets to make our younger look without Mysteryaround?!


To make our skin more luminous and demonstrate a few years younger, there are several tips and tricks for all ages.

First, it is important to care for your skin every day with quality moisturizing creams, always remember to remove make-up at night before going to bed and treat yourself to a beauty mask at least a week.

But this is simply the ABC, which is the process that you should follow every day since teenagers.

To reveal a more youthful and have a glowing skin there are other little secrets that will reveal. Starting from the importance of what we eat every day.

Here are 7 tips to show less of your age!

7- Increase the intake of Vitamin C

One of the best ways to look younger is to increase the intake of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, helping to maintain a fresh and supple skin appearance, very young.

Vitamin C is also important for the whole body, it is important, almost essential, therefore, to add foods rich in this vitamin in your daily eating plan.

Oranges, peppers, kiwi, grapefruit, tomatoes and strawberries are easy to find and perfect!

6- Increase proteins

Proteins also play an important role for the skin: collagen production and renewal of cellular structure.

For this, even though you might be a vegetarian, the daily intake of protein should be paramount.

For those who do not eat lean meats such as beef and chicken, can dirottarsi of dairy products, eggs, nuts and beans are wonderful sources of “vegetarian protein”.

5- Olive oil

Olive oil, though no more than 3 tablespoons daily, is very important both in the diet and in skin care.

Many, taking a lead from America, choosing every day the mayonnaise as a dressing to the salad , but let’s face it, can be tasty but anything but healthy and fat skin.

Eating vegetables with olive oil also helps fight free radical damage, while maintaining the bright and youthful skin, whatever your age.

4- Choose a liquid foundation

The powder foundation is great on many occasions, for photographs, evenings but does not help you look younger.

Dust fact accentuates fine lines and wrinkles.

Better to choose a liquid composition that evens the skin dramatically.

And some advice: in the summer, or at the office, let it breathe that poor skin!!!

Little makeup, since he is 20 years old, helps to keep the skin fresh and young!

Seeing is believing!

3- Use the primer

The foundation adding in the primer. It is a great ally against imperfections such as spots.

In addition, the primer gives the skin a beautiful glow. Aggiungine Area thee on the cheek before make-up, or on a day where the foundation is not required.

Also excellent BBcream , much lighter and full of properties!

2- Care hands

Of course, it is essential to the care of the face, but we must not forget the hands that are always a great business card and as the neck, show your true age.

Creams for hands nutrients are ideal, but often enough also rub their hands with just the products applied on the face.

Do not forget the sunscreen: essential to look younger, whatever your age!

1- Trick in the right way

As already pointed out above, the trick helps a lot … when used properly.

Be sure to use the right color foundation, not to make mistakes on the cheeks and lips .

For a younger look better to avoid bright colors and sharp.

The red lipstick is a good ally , also for your self-confidence, but make yourself a hand on the heart … aging any face!