How to Know If a Lingerie is Good?

Lingerie is all the same? It seems so, but not really. Perhaps the brand does not make much difference if you’re not a fan of the luxury market, but the selection is great and sometimes it is interesting to know a little more of this vast market to make the best purchases. Prices vary, as well as product quality and take the best also ensures a long-term investment. Nothing better than a panty that lasts more than two washes, is not it? And this is a matter of lingerie brands and price as well.

The range of lingerie materials is great, but not all are worth no matter how small the price. One of the most vendias is cotton, but there are a number of disadvantages. One is not withstand washings without losing the color is not pure cotton. The mixture of fabrics makes the weak material and tear or drop the seam is one of the most common problems. Nothing nice to be tinkering with home sewing your piece, is not it? Not cool. Already lycra, one of the fairest and resistant fabrics, supports several washings without wear and the best: price into account. However, it heats up a lot and some women suffer a bit with allergies, according to microedu. In cities hot is not the most appropriate tissues, unless made ​​compensation using light pieces like dresses and skirts.

Lingerie in income is one of the most beloved and focus of the major brands in the industry. They are beautiful, with light transparency or not and durable if they have their proper care. It is one of the most beloved noble fabrics for honeymoon lingerie and one of the best seen for a sensual night a different part. The bodice and fishnet pantyhose is all you need to make your sexy piece.

Famous Lingerie Brands

  • Lupo- one of the most popular brands in Brazil and known for its high strength. Despite not having the sexy models, values ​​the practicality and their bras are high support. It is one of the largest nursing bra manufacturers.
  • Victoria’s Secret – despite selling quality beauty products, its focus is even lingerie. It is known to be the favorite of famous and Brazil can get expensive because it is imported, but in the United States panties costs less than R $ 20.
  • DelRio- justified reputation for quality and good value for money. Brassieres durable even with washing in a washing machine, it is not easy for the lingerie resist. Usually spot when drying is the sun, but is only put in the shade already eliminates the problem. It has great panties type ‘dry belly’ to use with little tube dress.
  • DeMillus- sold in Brazil in the system Avon catalog, are not durable parts to the extreme, but they are not the weakest. The coolest models is its variation of themes and new collections always follow industry trends in colors and prints.

How to Know If a Lingerie is Good?

In the store you can see some details beyond price to assess whether a piece is worth not or will not. Pull the piece on the side with your hands is a way to evaluate whether it easy seat or not. Synthetics without qualities already stretch with a slight tug and there you already know: does not last even five washes. Note the seams are well made and with two layers, or will tear even during use. Notice if the finishes are crooked and have standard between one unit and another, or is something wrong done it.