How to Keep Your Purse Organized

Our stock market is like the extension of our home isn’t it? Many times we’re putting a lot of things we didn’t either, but then she gets heavy and becomes increasingly difficult to find what you’re really looking for in it, right?

To help you keep organized bag have some super easy tips to put into practice, if you have the time to do right now, and repeat as needed.

Remember to keep the organization is easier than having to organize everything again the next time.

Tip 1–keep your wallet organized

That’s right, sounds simple right? But tell me if you ever got hours looking for lost credit card in the bag because he wasn’t in the place where it should be? I bet you do!

Keep your wallet organized, with their cards, cards, cash and coins. And if you don’t put the coins in my wallet keep all inside your door nickel, so you will save time when you need to use these items. Also makes it easy for when you go out and you don’t want to take the whole bag, you won’t have to worry about, everything you need will be in your wallet.

Tip 2–use the bag, or divisions, each thing in your place!

Have you noticed that the bags have a the little pocket inside? Usually, keys, pens, so they serve to facilitate your life! Use them! Don’t let everything played in the bag, put the cellphone in his pocket, the key in the pocket of keys, pens in their seats, again you will save time and stress less when you have to find one of these items in the bag! Remember the last time you touched your phone rang and you simply couldn’t find?

Tip 3–Use and abuse of the cases

The cases are our main allies in the Organization, you can even have more than one, a make-up and other hygiene items, but remember the more cases more items in your bag, try loading the basics, only need a lipstick, sunscreen, toothbrush and mirror, hair, FLOSS, toothpaste, tampons, moist towelette … and it’s always good to have some analgesic medication that you already use. Anyway, this item is very personal, but don’t overdo it.

Tip 4–make a weekly cleaning in your purse

This tip from is paramount to keep the Organization of your bag! You know that market ticket? Proof of purchase on the card? Candy wrapper? Everything that you’ve been playing on your bag during the week? It’s time to pick it all up and throw it in the trash! If you have to keep some proof to keep in place, or need to keep, trash. Your bag thanks.