How to Keep Swimming Pool Clean

The online shop helps you take care of this place that provides a great time with family. Here you will find everything you need to maintain your pool.

If you have in-house pool, the fun of the whole family is guaranteed during the hottest days of the year. To ensure a clean environment and users’ well-being, some care is necessary in maintaining pools. Start with the frequency of cleaning. In times in which they are widely used, clean them, on average, once a month. To accomplish this work takes some care. How to purchase the right products? Let’s check the tips and take advantage of our unmissable prices.

Pool treatment products

Indispensable to keep the water clean, the products for pool treatment are found in different versions. With the mission to disinfect water, pool chlorine kills bacteria and thus helps prevent skin irritation and eye. Add in your shopping list the algaecide (which kills algae), the pH lift (responsible for neutralizing the acidity of the water) and the edges cleaner (which helps remove stubborn dirt without affecting water purification).

Pool maintenance accessories

Keeping the pool clean is much easier if you rely on the help of some accessories such as vacuum cleaners, sucking responsible for the various nasties. Get the scrubbers to remove the most difficult waste from the pool wall, and screens to catch debris floating in the water. The hose is connected to the filtration system to carry the dirt sucked into the vacuum cleaner. It is therefore another essential accessory.

Filters and pool pumps

Responsible for filtering the waste suspended in the pool and to circulate the water, filters and pumps are found in voltages 110 V, 220 V and multi – voltage. Here you will find the individual products or assemblies composed of both pieces and sand (used in the tank to hold the waste).

Save the pool water!

  • Clean the pool and keep maintenance days, according to the frequency of use. Thus, you avoid the constant exchange of water; Keep an eye on leaks to eliminate waste;
  • Place cover on the pool when it is not in use so that water does not evaporate and do not mess;
  • Make sure the water level is in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This way, you avoid the waste of water in the overflow.