How to Keep Mice out of Camp

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends. When not in use, pop-up campers to help us enjoy our forest adventure must be stored properly. Improper storage of pop – up camper can lead to shortening life expectancy for shelter and even worse, mice infestation. Rodents will see pop-up as a place to wait for cold weather, while the trailer sits in the garage or shed or outdoors. With a few steps, protection pop-up camper can be a simple, cost – effective and quick to make.

Things you’ll need: 
Bronze wave
Mailing band
Canvas repair kit
Aromatic deterrent
Mint plants or bay leaves
Hot pepper
Distilled water
Standard mouse trap
Ultrasonic device for pest control

Show more instruction:

Look surfaces of pop – up camper to determine whether they are made ​​of cotton, polyester, vinyl or acrylic. Look for holes or tears in the canvas. If there are tears, consider using a repair kit to patch canvas surface. Mice need only opening the size of a dime to push through.

Insert bronze wool or apply postal bar to open to close them against entering mice. Make sure to close all open water and electric sites.

Use aromatic dissuasive. Mothballs, dryer sheets or cedar blocks can provide some protection against mice. The smell Keep away from rodents stored items such as clothes and fabrics. Mice are also known to avoid natural aromatic sources like plants mint, bay leaves and cayenne pepper. Using natural deterrent it is often offered because chemicals and solutions may be harmful to humans during prolonged exposure.

Use the mouse traps around pop-up. Traps for mice help to ensure rodents focus on pop-up will be caught before they are close to entry. Avoid using poison into the trailer as it can remain and its particles inhaled by future tenants.

Place ultrasonic devices for the control of pests popup camper to provide auditory stress. Sound waves will prevent mice from asylum seekers not only the trailer but in a home or storage unit, where it is stored trailer.

Remove all food and waste from the campsite according to CAMPINGSHIP. Mice are attracted to food of all kinds and even the smallest amount of waste paper can bring them inches when storing pop – up van, make sure it is completely clean and devoid of any packaging crumbs dropped food and liquid spills.