How to Keep Away Mosquitoes with Cinnamon

The arrival of high temperatures leads many people to wonder How to keep away mosquitoes in order to prevent these insect bites that like so much good weather.

Some herbs such as Lemongrass and Basil can help you keep them away from your skin, though at this time we will focus on a natural ingredient which tends to have a niche in all pantries.

It’s cinnamon, a spice that you will be very useful if you want to know How to keep away mosquitoes due to its aroma; a fragrance which, though to be very enjoyable for many people, it is able to repel these small bugs.


-Half a teaspoon of cinnamon oil (can find you it in health food stores and natural food stores)
-Half a litre of water
-A bottle with sprayer

Steps to follow

1) pours water and the cinnamon oil on the inside of the bottle with sprayer.

(2) close the canister and shake it.

(3) fact that sprays the liquid on your garments before leaving home to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.

(4) also you can spray the solution in different rooms of your home as if it were a home air freshener.

(5) so you get to keep the mosquitoes away from your home and, in addition, inundarás it a sweet and seductive perfume.

Another alternative is to spread the mixture on the skin. However, if you go for this option remember that it will be very important to never add more than half a teaspoon of cinnamon oil to water, since you could irritate the skin. The smell of cinnamon scare away mosquitoes and prevent that you slip into your home and they driven his Stinger in your skin.

The benefits of this home trick that explains you how to keep away mosquitoes with cinnamon are the following:

-Prepares with oil of cinnamon, a natural and chemical-free ingredient.

-Follows a very hated by mosquitoes but very nice fragrance for man.

-It is a remedy economic and simple processing.

If you like to drive away insects using natural ingredients and homemade tricks also you can try this homemade cider vinegar fly swatter.

What do you think about the tricks of home homemakers who explain how to keep away mosquitoes with cinnamon?

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