How to Iron a Shirt


Ironing a shirt may seem a rather complex because the neck and cuffs are always under the attention of all, it can be enough a small pressure wrong, wrong for the fold and to point out unsightly errors ironing. To be able to adopt easily the right way to iron a shirt, necessarily you have to start from the table board. Knowing how to iron a shirt flawlessly requires a minimum of experience and desire. Among the domestic knowledge, however, it is certainly not the most complicated, and with a little practice anyone can achieve excellent results. If you do not know how to iron a shirt, but you want to try this work, then follow the tips in this guide to succeed in your venture.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Shirt
  • Iron and ironing board

Start by taking your shirt freshly washed, shake it, roll it with your hands and hang a coat hanger in order to simplify immediately the next step of ironing. Carefully spread out on the table cloth ironing, choose it of a light material, so it will be easier for the iron slipping easily. When the shirt is no longer wet, you reach the appropriate temperature for the Iron. He puts the collar on the ironing board and press it. It stretches from the collar tips inward. Make even the back. The shirt for men at this clothing shop is begins to iron with special care from the neck, on both sides. Subsequently by resting on the back of your ironing board, in the angular stretches both shoulders and the central part.

To stretch your sleeves, you’ll have to start from the wrist and go all the way up to the AMS areas, pay attention to the various folds, also, in order to facilitate your work, open the cuffs. Once you ironed also from both sides, re-close the cuffs and poggiategli the iron briefly above. Avoiding the button. Move the iron on the edges by serving the drum sleeve boards, the unmistakable board size “mini”. Proceed then with the cuffs, remembering to keep the button pointing upwards. Place the shirt on the ironing board, passed in full the front and repeat on the back.

With regard to the front sides, always from low areas in the neck, (this is the verse) begin to stretch the area without buttons, and then the other. Now you can go to the end, to the rear, attention to folds, usually this side stretches once. Help yourself with the starch to enhance the most difficult areas to be ironed, for sale in detergent stores at reasonable prices. Fate finally caution when storing the garment: to prevent the reformation of the folds, you can store the shirt hanging in a hanger or fold it.


Never forget:

  • The trick to stretch the fabric while it is still wet will be useful to allow the iron to work better
  • Keep slightly moist rolled shirts and starts stretching one side at a time
  • Pay close attention to iron with your steam iron