How to Increase The Resolution of The Images of Our Contacts on The Agenda

It is interesting, how to update after update on Android, and its many interface changes, Google still has not changed the size default images of our agenda. At the beginning of 96 × 96 pixels seemed a good idea, but with the emergence of higher resolution screens these dimensions have been very small. Well, today we explain How to put larger photos.

Thanks to a Spanish developer we can leave behind the ridiculous limitation that makes Google the images of our agenda. So let’s start with the basics, the process is simple and just have a bit of patience since it is not automatic and can be a bit tedious to do it manually.

The first thing we need, once we have installed the application, is create a folder on your SD card (e) introduce all those pictures that we are going to change in the agenda. Done, we opened the application, go to settings and point to the folder where we have put our images.

Then in the main menu select which photos we want to update, select the images in question and ready. Goodbye to those fuzzy splotches. If you want more quality, we can choose to root the phone and put images of 400 × 400 pixel or more, something useful if we have a high resolution screen Android.