How to Get Rid of the Fat in the Back of Your Arms

The fat pads in the back of the arms, in the area, ie, triceps, is a common problem for many women. To have a sculpted body and a flawless silhouette is not always easy: the area of ​​weapons is one of the critical areas of the female body.

Let’s see how to tone your triceps and how to eliminate always the ugly fat pads of weapons, bounce when we greet or when we raise shopping bags.

Once past the fateful age of 30, the female body begins to slowly decay. This happens if we do not take care if you have fat pads on the arms and want to get rid of them forever follow our advice. You no longer afraid to lift his arms to greet someone at a distance, because “meat” disappear and not ballonzolerà more!

How to get rid of the fat in the back of your arms

To get started, you need to worry about two things. First you need to burn all the fat that has accumulated between the skin and muscles of the arms, for not having the part of the skin soft and full of layers that “dancing” as you move your arms. The second step is the gradient of muscles underlying fat, to better support the skin and tissues. The result will be a triceps hard but feminine.

To remove the fat from the arms, you need to follow a healthy balanced diet, avoid junk food, snacks and high calorie foods. You must therefore take advantage of the technique of “spot reduction”, which will help you burn fat selectively to certain critical parts of the body. In addition to diet, you need to do some “of aerobic exercise: you must not overdo it, especially if you are not educated, but do sport regularly. Some examples? A half hour walk at a fast pace, a bike ride or some exercise at home using steps.

One last tip is to use weights to lift designed to tone the arms. If you have not, you can fill two plastic bottles with water and use them as if they were weights.

It is important to do a little “exercise regularly so that you burn calories and tone the triceps in a gradual but firm.