How to Get Pregnant with the Billings Method

Natural method to get pregnant, billings is a way to get to know your body and know everything about your fertile period. By Kunal Chowdhury

Set up the moleskine and the pen, download the Notes application on your phone and then open completely their perception: the billings ovulation method needs you to do daily notes and know your body. That’s because for trying to get pregnant through billings, you will need to observe their mucus and her vulva to find out when your ovulation period and record daily symptoms with keywords that will help you to know your body.

According to Armindo Dias Teixeira (SP), a gynecologist who specializes in human reproduction, billings “is an all natural and behavioral m that will provide the couple having sex on certain days of the cycle. Through different sensations, the woman realizes during humidity and the perception of the types of mucus that announce the arrival of the ovulatório period. So there is no need for drugs, has no side effects and awakens more knowledge of the normal changes that happen during the life of the woman. ”

We’re Going from the Beginning?

You get her period. After your period is over, the sensation in the vulva is total dryness and as the days went by the feeling of moisture back to happen, which means your ovulation is approaching. In the period of ovulation, you can feel the output of a mucus similar to egg white, more abundant and more elastic. It is important to note the following defaults: If the mucus is opaque, clear, transparent in Lees and with blood, if it is thick or watery and the amount of mucus. Remember, billings is not the famous rhythm method. More important than scoring days in the calendar, the woman takes into consideration the individual characteristics of your body. Are the changes that will indicate in which time of the month the woman is fertile. It is important to remember: you can watch these changes throughout the day and record at night without internal tests. The first record can last from two to four weeks without genital contact to that observations are not confused with no secretions caused by having been in touch.


Alessandra Nanni (RS), 41, used the billings method to get pregnant for the first time. “Circa 2005/2006, I started reading about the method to understand how to follow. In the first month I was going to annotating every day, after recording when noticed some change in appearance or amount. I began to realize that a lot of the same time was the same aspect. As my mucus was not elastic, as it should, suspected that I wasn’t Ovulating. Then I changed my doctor because my doctor at the time, said that everything was normal. When the second doctor asked me tests confirmed that I wasn’t Ovulating. And I had a cycle set. Women always think that regular cycle is synonymous with ovulation and I had proof with my own experience.” After all this process, Alessandra still discovered he had endometriosis and just got pregnant of Gambo, 8, after making several treatments, because uncovered other hormonal complications. “The month I got pregnant was the first month that I notice the mucus elastic”, he adds.

As Alessandra reports, it is important to note to know your own body and identify the differences on a monthly basis. Notice the pattern of change every month and realize that it happens at the same stage is the tip to know you are Ovulating. Second Armindo, “knowledge of the body month by month is critical in this method, through this lifetime experience the woman will get the perception of all of the changes that will occur. In addition, there may be a slight pain on the side of the pelvis on the side of the ovary that will ovulate and increase libido.”

When Having Sex

When the vaginal mucus is stretchy, aplenty and transparent, sometimes pink, it means you’re in fertile period, but has not yet ovulated. How much wetter you feel closer is ovulation. When the feeling is of a slippery mucus and elastic, you peaked: in this same day and two days is likely to happen to your ovulation (ovulation happens on the day of peak fertility and in some cases it may occur within two days after this peak).

Let’s go to the accounts? The egg lives for 24 hours. After three days, your fertile period will end and, with it, the chances of getting pregnant. With the billings method, it is important to have sex at the apex and after him, because the egg lives 24 hours, but the sperm live 72. So, there are women who conceive on their periods.Not every woman ovulates every month, so don’t panic. Make your notes, move on to a table and, of course, be upon your gynecologic health. In the most: sex!