How to Get into Bowling Tournaments

In addition to the many bowling league bowling tournaments are also organised in your own home. Bowling tournaments are for everyone: youth, senior, experienced and inexperienced. Bowling sport different scratch handicap and bowling tournaments. What is this?

Scratch tournaments

In the scratch tournaments thrown by each participant a preset number of games, mostly these are the 6. All participants who have registered for the tournament throws in one of the selected by him to complete these six matches. The score obtained in this round will be treated by the tournament organization and at the end of all rounds are a League where the player with the highest score in the six matches are in first place and the other players fall over it. There is often a separate rankings for men and women.
Before the tournament, the organization determines how many players go on to the finals. The top number of players positioned in this issue have qualified for the finals. In the final once again thrown a number of games. These can be, there are four, but even 6. This is determined in advance. The position in the first round is usually taken to the finals, which are then added to the score in the final and a new table is established. The winner is the one who has the highest total score. In some tournaments, will the score from the qualifying round do not carry over to the finals and everyone starts from zero again. All, in turn, have an equal chance to win.
Tournament rules and rates
The tournament rules are always announced in advance in a tournament booklet and frequently via a Web page. Registration goes through this tournament brochure or website. To register for a tournament also has a price tag. Scratch tournaments, which often has a decent prize pool and is partly composed of the registration fee. Sponsorship is also an important source of income for tournament organisations. The more sponsorship, the higher the prize pool. Today, at first scratch tournaments prizes across???? 1000-pretty normal. The entry of these tournaments are also often above?? 50,-. The exception is the youth scratch tournament. The introduction of these are about?? 20,-, price is also considerably less.A youth scratch tournament is the first price far below?? 100,-.

Handicap Tournament

Cheaper handicap tournaments. In handicap tournaments, each participant receives disability score he or she can add version of each game. The handicap is calculated using the average to the player on his bowling card is listed. This average is the average of all games thrown in the previous season’s in house leagues and national leagues, tournaments, etc. The mean is subtracted from a fixed average, such as 200. Part of the number which it remains the handicap. With each game that is thrown on the tournament this disability can be added. Someone with a high average can therefore support a low handicap and one with a low average can bite up more disability. This gives everyone an equal chance to win.
Handicap Tournament cheaper than scratch tournament
Handicap tournaments continue to work basically the same as the scratch tournaments. Often, however, there are fewer games thrown in. Often the first round consists of five matches and finals from three matches. The cost of a handicap tournament is significantly lower than for a scratch tournament. On average, the fee for a handicaptoenooi around?? 25,-. The prize fund is therefore lower. Nevertheless, a first place still producing a few hundred euros. Some handicap tournaments will be played in double or even the trio format. This means that you play with two or three players, and the scores are aggregated for the Championship and the finals. Often there is also a single classification and finals will be played.
During the season there is almost every weekend somewhere in the Netherlands a tournament. For each sport bowler so there are plenty of opportunities to play tournaments.