How to Get Better Pictures with Your Phone

Here is a quick guide to Christmas, how you can take some better pictures with your cell phone.

With Christmas and new year’s Eve approaching Federal fast approaching, it has also been the season to fill the memory card on your phone with images in so crude volumes that a smaller Finnish forest should let life. But even though not all just photogenic family members or friends, so we give you here a quick guide to how you can make your to, to get the images to take better out.

In order to be able to take a proper picture, so light is required. Although a mobile phone as a URf.eks. Nokia Lumia 1020 is equipped with 41 megapixels, so it can still not take a picture of what is politically correct today would be called:

“Two people of African background who share a plate of dark chocolate in a kulkælder”, without light.

However, most mobile phones are equipped with Flash and kameralys, which, of course, ensuring illumination, but at the same time also requires some precautions:

1. If you use Flash, so avoid close-ups.
Your object will be highlighted, as there was a lysgranat. Enter an additional step back and allow the Flash to work.

2. Beware of a backlight.
Make sure that natural light or lights hit your object and not the rear. Your mobile will only detect light and do elsdyrsmotivet at aunt Gail’s knitted sweater completely unrecognisable.

Always be sure to stand between the window and the shooting (if there is a window).

Hold the camera steady
It should be needless to say it, but for safety’s sake we do it anyway.

3. Hold the phone still.
It may well be that there is momentum around the Christmas tree or to the dance floor swings new year’s Eve. It allows for a lot of good shots, but stop even the physical activities and stand still.

It is no use to plunk 25 images of the same motive, if they all are unclear, because Justin Bieber get dance the magician in you.

4. Focus
Your mobile is equipped with autofocus. Now that you still stands still, so use it. Rarely by phone what it is you want to photograph, so do yourself a favour, and designate and the design on the screen.

Look at the whole picture
5. background
It may be that you just must have a quick picture to friends, by the girl you just met new year’s Eve. But instead of plucking her in front of the dryer and shelves with preserved onions, so try to find a neutral or nice background.

Think not only of the shooting, but how the overall picture looks.

6. Experiments
And no, we are talking not about sex or drugs. Most phones today have the option of a sea of options. Try to play with them all. You can easily take multiple images of the same scene with different settings, and be surprised at the different results.

At the same time, there are a number of apps that can change the lighting on the individual images, so even Christmas in the garage under the fluorescent tube inserts, comes to seem like an American movie from the ‘ 50s.

7. Privacy
A good rule is not to take pictures of people who don’t want it.

In other words, you must not plunk loose when you find two co-workers in the copy room to your Christmas feast, or continue the documentation out on the toilet, while his staff from accounting trying to call a taxi, using the water powered porcelain telephone.

If you want to throw an image up on Facebook or via another social media, so please do not name the people who do not have given you permission. Respect privacy, regardless of how much people ter itself.