How to Get a House Tidy

A few days ago I listened on the radio to Maria Gallay a Spanish, which helps other people find the order. Its solutions that encompass the transformation of spaces and the order of the rooms, make sense in a society like ours, in which we live faster, no time for anything and less than to organize ourselves, to get a House tidy. However, the maxim to live at ease in your home, where we spend much of the time, has caught the attention of all those people who need a change in their lives.

His method “the order which remains only” was inspired by the Japanese Marie Kondo, explains in his book the magic of the order, a simple way to accommodate all the spaces of our House, unless they become to scramble.

The magic of the order

Since we are all aware of well-being that gives a home in our mind, the magic of the order has been a bestseller around the world. This book is based on the premise:

‘True life begins after you put your House in order’
You will learn the key points of the Komari method:

You delete what you do not happy

The basic pillar consists of removing categories (clothing, books, documents, objects, sentimental objects…) that which you do not already happy. You must save or discard without following a criterion of whether it is useful or not, simply based on the feeling that that object awaken in you. If a garment, and to catch it consider that already does not provide you joy the fact to take it, you have to discard it thanking them for the service that you provided.

This little materialistic philosophy, which in principle can seem that it gives value to what we have, not to discard to consume more, but let go of objects that occupy place in our closet and that we can no longer. All that clothes can always be donated to people who need it.

Sort and store by categories

Once we scrap which does not cause happiness, proceed to sort it by category and not by locations. Marie Kondo, recommended to divide it for example, in the case of clothing, underwear, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, pants, shoes…

Kondo recommended vertical bending, rather than hanging clothes, since it allows you to see what we have to quickly glancing at the drawer. To do this, you can use boxes or dresser with drawers and fold all of your clothes. Kondo, advocates for the shoe boxes saying that you don’t have to buy separators, that a simple shoe box you have at home can help you distribute your clothes.

What to do if you can not discard you something
It may be that you your mother gave you a tablecloth or dishes that you keep fondly in a showcase without giving any use. Get rid of those objects with sentimental value, it may be more difficult, however, as stated by Kondo, “when you stops with something can not let go of what thinks carefully about his true purpose in your life. You’ll be amazed how many things that you have already fulfilled their function. To recognize his contribution and let them go with gratitude, you will be able put in true order the things you own and your life”.

Do it just once

Komari method speaks to you for “purging” in one fell swoop. Since if you do little by little you will never end, and we must change the mentality dramatically. This way of acting, collides with what other experts recommended, go slowly establishing the order.

It is the things in your home as people

In the universe komari, objects seem to be alive. “Don’t be a ball with socks”, he says in his book “they suffer a good beating in their daily work.” Justifies these actions saying that if we learn to take care of the things that matter to us, we will also learn to do the same with people.

Order your fridge

The guru of the order suggests ordering the refrigerator once a week, not only to establish an order, but to know what we have and not buy repeatedly. To maintain order, we must have different spaces and clear where we put the variety of foods.

Sauces, jams, butters, bottles and eggs can be placed in the door. In the upper part of the fridge can go the leftovers and dairy. It is essential to have square or rectangular tuppers and store food, taking into account the shape of the vessels.

Under place meat and fish using glass or plastic containers to avoid contamination and bad odors. Finally the fruits and vegetables in the part below, since they are foods that need to be more chilled.

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