How to Dress Well

Men. How to know when a play doesn’t wear well on your body. Check out;

Come on. Elegance has no fixed rules. Are not standards composed by fully complex requirements.

Well when you were born won, thumbnails of motorcycles, super heroes and other thousands of toys, your first Jersey was that your relatives give you of the football team, or not? So really it’s time to learn about fashion or precisely about style. Come with us, let us together.

Learn to identify signs in your basic wardrobe pieces to ensure your perfect fit.


Of man if the pants are left at the waist, thighs or buttocks, there’s a good likelihood of being too big. Wearing a formal black pants, you can catch the waistband, pushing him away from the waist and fit a pack of post-its? If the answer is Yes, the pants this big!

On the other hand, if the pants won’t button, if you suffer from an extreme case of love handles or feel discomfort in the waist area all day, your pants this tight. If the fabric is too tight on the buttocks or thighs, leaving marks of underwear, this is also a sign that it’s time to buy a bigger size.


When the buttons are repuxando, this shirt too tight, period. This is non-negotiable. If you are using a slim-fit shirt (shirts Are more flush to the body that touch the your body) and you decide to try the extra-slim-fit model, sit down to check the buttons, we cannot pull back when you are standing. If one of the buttons is so. Also check the underarms, shoulders and shirt width as a whole.


There’s only fashion shoes for anyone who uses unusual sizes or have any physical problem, so be open to new options. Escape the obvious. For example, try new brands and styles.


The most common problem of men who dress well are those swallowed by bulky coats and old-fashioned. Look at yourself in the mirror. You could use more than three blazers and a sweater under his jacket this using? If the answer is Yes this too big. If the sleeves are too short or you cannot close the coat, make a donation and help someone else to dress better.

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