How to Dress Well on the Beach?

“Me at the beach impossible!!!”

“I would be too ashamed seen me in a swimsuit.”

“I could not bear people’s eyes, even if it should not touch me!”

“I can not stand my body, I avoided the beach!”

“For me the beach is stay away without daring!”

“I’ll disturb people …”

“If so, I’m going to the beach, but I remain dressed and wait”
etc …
This is what we read in the forums and blogs on Vivelesrondes!
Yet often the desire is there.

So here are 10 tips (the ones I already give to my friends) to dare to go to the beach, and in a swimsuit:

1. Wearing a Comfortable Swimsuit

We must start somewhere, and indispensable to the beach is of course the swimsuit (and sunglasses).
One piece, tankini, or jersey skirt … up to you!
The important is to find a jersey with your size in which you could also swim and move!
Already we’re not always comfortable in a swimsuit, so if in the more you selected too small or that you compress too yawning, I know you do not lanceras you.

So you take your courage in both hands and you will rummage on the Internet, or on ebay shop to find ton cheap towels.

That the shirt is black or a little more fun with color, the important thing is that you like it and that you’re comfortable in, even alone in a cabin or home!

2. Test Your Shirt before the day

You have your jersey? Great!
Now put on it … and jump into your shower.
A wet suit can sometimes reserve surprises, then as guard thee and zoom test. And like that, no excuse for putting this jersey!
Once wet, look if the shirt remains in place, especially if it is not transparent (even if your swimsuit is black).

Rest a bit to get used jersey and tame the beast!
Go on before the mirror, look at you and tell you that “you are beautiful”.

If you have a garden (lucky) or a discrete balcony, took the opportunity to spend some time and take a few colors.

3. Find Yourself a Nice Beach Holding

You will have provided to you!
To successfully put you in bikini on the beach, you need to beach in mind before your toes hit the sand.
Your place or in your hotel room, put on your jersey , pass your sunscreen on exposed parts and glide you into one of these little beach dresses … You come softly into the atmosphere.

Indeed, nothing better to feel comfortable than to find a nice little beachwear which removes and shoves in a snap.
An outfit that you avoid the humiliating minutes squirming on your towel to remove your clothes.
An outfit that does not hot, and which do not add to the effect sometimes sauna bathing suits.
An outfit that puts your skin safe when the sun gets too hot especially where melt you if you do not want to stay in jersey longer.

Blouse wide, light and other dress “cover up” are becoming easier to find in large shop.
Just choose a breathable fabrics such as cotton, and wide for easy dressing.
You do not have to put on your flip flops, grab your towel and voila!

4. Choose Well Your Time

If you are afraid to go to the beach and put you in a swimsuit, there are not thirty six solutions.
For the first time, you’ll have to put the alarm clock!

The most quiet time to get to the beach, it’s early, around eight nine o’clock summer.
Why so early?
Because vacationers are not there yet, that teenagers sleep in closed point that the children are still in the small breakfast and also because it is not too hot.
early in the morning, you may croiseras few pècheurs, revelers asleep on the beach, “seniors” who are a little walk … so say almost anyone, especially someone who will take care of you.

Once installed at the beach, you’ll have time to relax, quiet listening to the waves.
Those who come after will be too busy looking for a place to take care of you.

5. Choose Well Your Beach

Show in a swimsuit on the beach is already a test for you, so no need to add! Exit nude beaches if that’s not your thing! Whatever your size jersey, when all the world is naked you necessarily attracted a little look and that’s not the goal.

Choose your beach here depends of course on your holiday place and your means of transportation.
On foot, by bicycle, car or for the lucky boat … there is always a way to find a quiet corner.
The ideally, a small cove off the road, and then a wild area far from the city center.
In these somewhat remote places, you only croiseras of beach lovers.
the “capacity” downtown, aldo junk or extractor “I’m worth it!”the crowd looking and ease, so they are on the most crowded beach. And that’s good you you will go elsewhere!

Tourist office, advice traders or tracking ballads are the means you willing to find your corner of paradise.