How to Dress the Bed

Lately I have lot of work decorating bedrooms, renewing them or directly to designing them from scratch. Looking for furniture, lighting and textiles to dress the bed properly.

When we got to the point of “dressing the bed”, all clients want that she is pretty, as photos from magazines and the windows of the shops, mullidita, with lots of cushions and arranged and pleasant appearance.

Makes me many thanks that in most of the houses in which I have worked, after making the bed and place everything properly, my clients make a photo to remember how they have to do and the bed is placed correctly.

But for me it is something simple and normal, to get the desired look, for many of my clients, and I guess that also for many readers as not so.

Well, because today we’re going to do a mini course talking about how to make the bed and looking at the photos that you may well understand the instructions.

We start from below:

The bed base:

If this is simple, all life, with 4 legs in sight, or a canape that we do not want to be seen by the color of its upholstered or wood, we have to buy or make a “covers Canapé”.

This must be the same color as the headboard if possible or the color of the sheets or duvet cover that we will put.

By Dior! I don’t see the legs of the bed.

Fitted sheet:

Well, here I guess that you don’t have to tell what to put it lol but if I have to insist that it should be the same color as the top sheet or duvet cover.

I don’t want to see a fitted sheet green or striped with a white duvet cover.

Savannah encimara.

Here are sure that we will have some discrepancies, “, is not that I use duvet cover”

Me da same!. Although you use a duvet cover, always put tops sheets.

That is the wash every week, so you buy at least two games, it is essential to achieve that desired look.

Duvet cover.

That, as it tends to always be the most expensive of all that we need to dress the bed you can have two different games, one summer and one winter but always coordinated with the rest of the decor of your bedroom.


Yes!!! You also need a quilt, not too thick to put in above the duvet cover winter and summer so you tapes you with her at bedtime if it cools.


That’s always more decorative time of dressing the bed, but of course it is nothing more that you can use on your NAP, for example.


Well, there are no rules how many, goes a bit to everyone’s taste.

Of course to get a look like beds of the magazines, it seems that many more put, more beautiful is.

They can be for example:

2 or 3 60 x 60

2 45 x 45

and another 2 or 3 30 x 50.

The Nordic:

Bed to have a fluffy appearance, the Norse should be feather or down, if it is synthetic look always at the aspect that has, so it is not without a body. You can also use any of these that you add and remove layers depending on the season.

Now, how to place all this purchase correctly?.

We tend to the Nordic with the cover stretched across the bed, with a pair of cushions and ready.

And of course, the result is “Ohhhh and is that there is I like the bed I saw in the store.”.

Maybe not!, is not equal because the bed to place it in the following way:

We put the couch cover-this cover the legs of the bed base or the base of the color green or red… or you go to know lol

Then we put the fitted sheet.

Then the top sheet and stretch it at the top of the bed and put the Nordic with their corresponding cover.

Well, the Nordic also stretch him up to bed, but do the faceplate as you would do with a lifetime encimara sheet.

Now, you do the same operation with the top sheet, the savanna once put it above the faceplate of the Nordic. You should see the embroidery or the Savannah greca.

Then you doblas your quilt in half and put it above the Nordic but without covering everything. You have to see the Nordic and the quilt must hang enough on the foot of the bed.

Then, with very funny you put blanket purchased game with your pads.

And already Finally, start to place your cushions pillows by sizes, largest to smallest.

For the summer if you want that your bed has the same appearance as in winter, you can do the following operation:

Above the Savannah put the bedspread, is that used to cover your in summer if necessary and the Nordic leave you folded in half as the quilt in winter.

Course for sleep removes the Nordic so you don’t raise measles lol

How placing pads is a question of look a little on the photos magazines or here in the pictures I have selected.

Well, this has been a small course in how to make the bed so that it is as pretty as the journals.

Now, it is very important that sheets, covers and pads, combined between if and that is coordinated with the rest of the bedroom.

If you don’t know to combine patterns, always use textile smooth. To the duvet covers and bed linen choose tones such as white or beige and prints or colors bold for the blanket, bedspread and cushions.

You can also opt for a good selection of basics like bed sheets, duvet and 4 cushions with style, for simple results like this bedroom.

If you still see that you do not clarify, I can always hire to redecorate your bedroom;)

images: Zara Home, pinterest, Edyta
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