How to Dress in Purple?

Purple is the color trend of winter wear but how well and with what?Sweater, dress, bag, coat, was selected you clothes and accessories to wear purple all season. But above all, it gives you all the fashion tips to wear each garment as opportunities, your style, in short everything you need to have a look at the top.

The Jacket

Current, trendy and sporty at the same time, this jacket will keep you warm all winter. Its removable hood is very convenient and the two fleece-lined pockets to keep warm your things and why not your hands.

Our advisory mode: attention to volume. Do not wear loose trousers or too thick sweater jacket with this as it may magnify you. Bid on a little black sweater with jeans or our favorite heart: a small black skirt and boots.

Shopping Bag

Indispensable for women, the large shopping bag. Practice, it closes with a zipper and has two pockets on the front to be able to drag portable, transportation card and shopping list.

Our fashion tip: this bag is suitable for everyone. Wear it with a brown trench coat, gray or black for an urban look and we also like to associate it with a small coat.

The Following

Sober and glamorous, we love this whole basket bra and panties in lace and velvet.

Our fashion advice: pay attention to the color of the clothes you wear with these below. Basket form, this bra is not suitable for large breasts careful to choose the right size.

The Knit Dress

Very trendy and very feminine, this fine knit dress is shopping to do this season. We love her cleavage effect lingerie.

Our fashion tip: wear it with tights and boots or early season with leggings and ballet flats for a simpler look. The belt that one chooses is not forgotten and fine tonal.

The Mitts

We just did a little fun with these leather mittens. But we also like the convenience of mittens.

Our fashion tip: lilac, playing on a purple gradient by choosing a purple coat for example.

The Coat

We love this coat, 80% wool, ¾ sleeves with modern and original curves. It closes with 3 buttons + 3 Tonal invisible pressures. With a length of 79cm, sometimes just below the buttocks.

Our fashion advice: play your smart card accompanying your long gloves leather coat. For the low, bet on tight pants to create a seamless silhouette.

The Blouse

Chic and feminine, this purple satin blouse is slightly curved to emphasize just right size.

Our fashion tip: this shirt is worn with black satin trousers or a straight skirt length satin knee. If you have a little belly to hide wear it over with a small belt.


We love these shoes purple painted wrinkled with a convenient non-slip sole for winter.

Our fashion tip: the patent is ideal to accompany a small evening dress. A chic look guaranteed. For colors that follow with violet, opt for gray or black.