How to Dress for Rainy Cold Weather

The rain puts us in crisis if we want to be nice. Here are some little tricks to be beautiful even when the weather is bad!

For many of us the rain is a worry, because it makes it difficult to dress well without dunking ruinously.

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, we have to go to the beach or in the mountains, at work or school, it seems easy to find the right outfit.

But what to wear when it rains? Discover now what are the must-have items for not renouncing to be fashionable even when the weather is bad!

When the half-season arrives, often he catches us unprepared: dressing too you sweat, with too little you risk getting sick. And if we add the first rains….

But inevitable umbrella: who prefer small or large handbag and snug, always try to use it as an accessory to your look.

If you have a favorite outfit with dark or black color colorful umbrella, contrasting.

For vivid look choose one tone on tone with the main color, or color and imagination rather neutral.

1. The first rule

It is therefore important to obtain the clothing waterproof, but of technical materials that allow the skin perspiration, and keep your feet dry, especially (as we were taught grandmothers!) With shoes closed, ideally suited to water.

2. An extra touch

Certainly, nothing forbids us to enrich a small touch fashion, as scarf, a stole or a light scarf, perhaps combined with a wide-brimmed hat also in cloth, so although it will forget the umbrella we will be enough blankets and we can hide our hair, not quite in top form with the rain.

 3. To be avoided

Absolutely to avoid when it rains long trousers and skirts down to the feet, which absorb water up to his thighs.

Same thing for open shoes such as the open toe, but also suede shoes or canvas coverings, unless the you protect it with special products in spray.

Forget also the type UGG boots, although soft and warm water,: the stain irreparably, so better to wear in cold but dry days.

 4. What to choose: the foot

What could be better than a pair of boots when it rains?

You are spoiled for choice between the rubber rain boots, in the most original patterns and ironic, that will be your best allies.

If you prefer a more aggressive look they are great chelsea boots (like Dr. Martens and Timberland), classic and timeless, especially with the more casual outfits.

Both solutions are perfect whether you are low in height, or very slender.

Also perfect high boots: protect most of the water leg, without sacrificing fashion! To choose from especially if you’re high, because you actually donate.

Alternatively for more informal and sports: the high ankle sneakers, that keep you dry!

5. What to choose: from the waist up

To stay warm are perfect stylish sweatshirts and warm and cozy sweaters, preferably with a high neck.

Once indoors, you can easily remove them and do not sweat too much.

If you love the clothes use them as well, especially if the courts. They are excellent in the cool days, because never in danger of getting wet!

For when it’s less cold will perfect a blouse to match with skinny jeans and ankle boots leather: you will effortlessly cool!

Yes even the cape or poncho: a viable alternative to the jacket to be repaired when it does not rain too much.

6. What to choose: from the waist down

The perfect skinny jeans, if your physique you can afford them, because you can put them inside the boots and not risk getting wet all the legs.

Alternatively, you can choose the leggings, practical and sports also with long sweaters or very opaque tights, if you opt for a dress or winter shorts.

7. What to choose: outerwear

For outerwear choice is yours.

For a sporty look can not miss a k-way waterproof, to fold and have always with you, never to be taken by surprise by a thunderstorm.

For colder days instead choose a winter jacket in technical fabric, warm and breathable, or a leather jacket, you will also find elegant.

If you like the genre, you can choose a long trench coat: always fashionable, can add color and sparkle to your look every day.

Avoid the coats in wool: they are too delicate and contact with the water threatens to bankrupt them, and also takes a lifetime to dry.

8. Elegant for a ceremony in the rain

Even going to a ceremony with the rain is possible.

Copy this look: pleated skirt in shades of gray, opaque tights, jacket and on top of the powder tones and small little bag shoulder.

At the foot of blacks boots.

You will be perfect.

9. Parka: my love

One of the year’s trend is the parka, a much loved because comfortable and versatile garment.

In his typical military green color, it is also perfect for a trip to the mountains as well as for the life of every day in the city.

A must buy!

10. Recreate the Scottish style

Sometimes it takes very little to be nice and warm even in the rain: a long dress worked magliabianco white, the red rubber boots shiny and a stole in Scottish style.

Still I believe that we cannot be cute with the rain?