How to Dress for a Rodeo Party

Time to think about the production for the Rodeo party, the most important is the comfort. The rodeos are long and outdoors, so it’s always good to take that into consideration. Check out the tips below and good party of pawn.


  • A basic and versatile choice for the Rodeo is the jeans. If it’s hot, it’s worth betting on shorts or a t-shirt with cotton fabric. If the season is cold, the best choice is the pants.
  • Bet on the dark skinny jeans
  • Choose accessories that rementem country style, hat, scarf or belt with buckle. Just be careful not to be exaggerated. The hat can be felt or straw. A common mistake is to place the hat around. The hint is to look always the label of the attachment, you need to stay behind. If the hat have different proportions, the smaller part should always be forward.

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  • Use materials such as leather, suede and income which contrast well with the jeans.
  • Chess is always at high country in the world, it can be more modernized.
  • The combination of smooth sailing with all shirt is a great option for the days of heat.
  • If it’s cold, opt for a Jean jacket or leather.
  • You can wear skirts and dresses, but be careful because they may be uncomfortable in this event. Dresses can be belted floral contrasting color.
  • Use Turquoise Jewelry.

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  • The boots are the icon of the world country and nothing more appropriate than using them at the Rodeo. Use high quality leather boots. For the occasion, prefer boots high or medium, but without jumping to get more comfortable. Avoid the thin-billed because they are more uncomfortable and sandals, because it can get sand on foot or you can take a trodden. Men should avoid boots outside of the pants, but women can do it at will.
  • Beware of exaggeration. A good rule of thumb is to not use more than two country style accessories at the same time. For example, if you use Turquoise Jewelry with embroidered boots, you do not need to use fringe jacket or a shiny belt buckle.


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  • Boys like tradition: hat, Plaid Shirt, a belt and a comfortable boot. If you get cold, you can put a vest. The simpler style can be done with a polo shirt, a larger buckle and a Cap. In the men’s boots guide, the tip is: use the boot inside the jeans if you’re not riding.
  • When using the shirt into the jeans (the Wrangler models are the most famous), the man can show better the your belt with buckle.
  • Those who’ve had enough of chess print you can bet on a denim shirt.
  • The jacket and vest are pieces that help complete the look of Rodeo.
  • To incorporate the sertanejo style, definitely worth betting on a hat.

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