How to Dress a Round Body Type?

The marks are for all body types, while remaining true to the trends. 20 ideas for looks to sting for this season.

Fashion think to everyone and allows to live uninhibited way through collections that fit all silhouettes, and put the best foot forward while being stylish and fashionable. Clothing appropriate according to some criteria to help you erase your little flaws, to make assets sublimating your curves. How to choose among the latest trends while respecting your body habit? Some tips.

If you have a menu but bust hips and large thighs prefer a belted dress, choose the floral print version 70’s featured on LISTOFUSNEWSPAPERS, or very long united. You will not go wrong! They say yes to colorful tops that draw the eye to the upper body to put you in value. There are spoiled for choice with the tones of the season: green, red or purple … The  pants  wide or  jeans boyfriend parts are preferred because they are comfortable and modern. It also adopts the famous skirt in vogue for fall-winter 2015-2016, worn with high boots: it will give a retro twist to your look.

Conversely, women with broad shoulders and a generous bust have interest to prefer cuts close to the body and plunging necklines. It’s time to choose a nice pantsuit with vertical stripes tennis, or a combination always in season menu. Do you have assets, so dare to them before. Finally, surf the disco wave with super low-cut dress with sequined Asos Curve.

For those of you with  shoulders and hips in alignment, that is to say the famous morphology in H, the cover dress is perfect. Try the suede as the model from Violetta by Mango topped by a pair of shoes or a pair of boots with heels to elongate your figure: you’ll definitely stylish.

Finally rounded curves have interest to wear clothes tightened at the waist. Opt for a top with a loose jacket or vest belted along nicely, and so your forms will be harmoniously developed.

Without further ado, discover our 20 round looks to spend a winter trendy, for every moment of the day: the choice is yours!