How to Disable Audio in The AutoPlay of Videos from Facebook

More than three years ago Facebook began to automatically play videos which it appeared in your timeline of Facebook. The option since then has become optional, although that Yes, it is the default settings, so it must be you who go to settings and change it.

So far the AutoPlay of videos on Facebook was silent. The videos began to play to appear on your screen, but were silenced unless you touch them to see them full-screen. After a few tests that Facebook declares now satisfactory, videos they will have sound by default. That does not panic, if you don’t like it, You can disable it.

Disables sound

The sound is escaladamente reaching users of the Facebook application. Show a video on the screen while you scroll the news, starts its playback with sound, which increases and decreases its volume While travelling it.

If you have sound enabled in AutoPlay, you also have a new option in the settings of Facebook. You will find it in the options – settings of the application, under the name Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.

Unchecks the option and videos continue to behave as usual: silent until you touch them. If the very concept of AutoPlay not interested too, you can enter the menu just below, Autoplay, and disable AutoPlay completely.