How to Design Your Own Shirt in the Crowd

Your crowd is fun, energetic and unique—what exactly is the reason you need to design your own special cheerleading shirts. Get the squad together to discuss and you can come up with shirts that show your special style, not to mention your creativity excited. The options are limitless when you design your own shirt cheerleader, but you want to keep some key factors in mind.



Choose the style. His twisted shirt should better serve the purpose. This means that football cheerleaders, who are often out in the rain, may want to long sleeves and a thicker material. Cheerleaders who are indoors at basketball or another court can opt for short sleeves, cropped sweaters with straps or other styles, with thinner materials. Draw an outline of the front of the shirt, another of the shirt back and one of the sleeves, if he has sleeves.


Decide on the colors. Go to the colors of the team, of course, but you still have options. Choose a white base with drawings in color two team colors or a team as the base and another color for detailing.


Start with front and Center. Go for a bold design, which will be the central focal point of the shirt. Megaphones are a popular symbol, but they are also a kind of monotony. Opt for the team logo, a variation of the team logo, team mascot, your home, a fancy script team name or the name of the crowd. For inspiration, check out other cheerleading shirts (see resources).


Find out the back. Leave the back blank if you want to, or include the name of the cheerleader, a number of your favorite player or anything else that you want. The back of the shirt could also be the back of the head of the mascot that appears on the front, suggested by


Add any extras. Design logos or illustrations for the sleeves, if desired. Include any
team color stripes, polka dots, scrolls or other projects around the neckline and borders of the shirt.


Have done it. Sew the shirt even, using fabric paint to create the designs or bring your project to a company that creates custom shirts (see resources).


  • You don’t have to stay with a solid background. Maybe you have a twisted Groovy and wants the tie-dye shirt. Anything goes. You can have custom patches made in other companies that specialize in such, if you want your patches project (see resources).