How to Decorate Japanese Style: Ideas for Houses Style Oriental

How to decorate Japanese style, is an increasingly popular trend among people seeking a home well lit, practical and without excessive ornamentation. Characteristics that define a long Eastern aesthetics.

The great advantage of this type of decoration is that it can be deployed both in large houses and small apartments, in Japan they have the rule of each space to the maximum.

This, without breaking the harmony in each room and incorporating elements of color or natural that you’ll love.

Look below are ideas that you should take in your House, if Japanese decor is yours and we encourage you to implement them in a room, or in your home!

How to decorate Japanese style house
If you want to achieve the perfect oriental atmosphere in your rooms, you’ll need more than a change of color on the walls. From furniture to plants; everything must be aligned to evoke the precious Japanese homes we admire.

Furniture and Japanese style accessories

With respect to Accessories, objects such as screens with Oriental designs, circular or rectangular paper, mirrors and vases, are your best choice. The usual is to find them in dark tones, combined with the neutral walls of the rooms.

It is clear, that the light wood furniture can also be very cute in simple rooms. The only thing you should take care of, they are of minimalist style, with straight lines and without reloading or ostentatious designs.

The tables and beds are usually also very low, something that gives great style to the rooms.

Japanese style colors

When you wonder as to decorate Japanese style, remember that neutral colors on the walls are one of the first details. Yes the best white paint. You can add a modern twist with curtains or colorful objects.

Of course, that you can occasionally include a dark wall, with wooden covering, for example. The contrast with the white or other warm colors, will add it breadth and elegance to any room.

Staying in the neutral line, if you’re not very fan of white always there are alternatives like cream or beige, which are great with clear hints of wood and recessed lighting.

The idea of using a simple color palette, is to take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Tidy, simple and well illuminated, spaces are part of the philosophy of welfare in Japan.

Japanese nature and style

The Japanese consider very important the union between nature and man, so always try to have plants on hand; even in the tiniest departments. Pots of bamboo, flowers and stones, are a common and easy to improvise embellishments.

Although if you have a chance, you should encourage you to do something riskier, and place huge pots with plants of large size or interior tree. They are original, precious and grow well if planted in a place where they can receive sufficient sunlight.

How to decorate a living room Japanese style

The Japanese salons can be lovely, when you remember all the rules above and incorporate them in small rooms are comfortable and minimalist. Walls of light colors, with simple furniture and simple details.

You can contrast the black with white or add subtle touches of color, in shades like Brown, grey or yellow, until the Pink is good when you know make your combinations. Plants and hanging lamps can not miss in your schema.

How to decorate a Japanese-style room

Another key when you are learning how to decorate Japanese style, is implementing it in spaces such as the kitchen. Style of minimalist and without many tackle in sight, are ideal, always wearing materials such as steel, wood and granite.

The natural part, you can add some herbs smell or small indoor plants. Other areas such as the bathroom, dining room or lobbies, will be also amazing with this trend. From time to time, you can leave the white walls to experiment with other colors, such as the mustard or Mint green.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, consider adding a circular style tub or place any plant close. They are also worth in this space.

 How to decorate a Japanese-style room

Finally, we come to the bedroom, ideal places to experiment with oriental decoration, because it brings great peace and serenity. You are looking for a Japanese or minimalist, bed to match modern lamps and light wood furniture. Don’t forget to arrange all of your things in detail.

If you want to make your room look more original, you can always decorate the wall of your header with some oriental design, such as the traditional cherry blossoms. And another very useful tip if you want to add some plant, is that hanging ferns can be a great solution.

You already learned the secrets of How to decorate Japanese style, now check this out your home and decide which of these tips and ideas will go best with your room.

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