How to Connect USB Hotspot

Many potreiteli successfully use thenite devices via a USB hub; however, due to the wide variety of USB hubs, Brother does not recommend using devices with a USB hub. Below are suggestions that work for many of our users.

  • Check if the LCD or LED indicating mistake.
    If necessary, review “FAQs & Troubleshooting” for information on received error messages.
  • Check whether the printer is online with the following steps: NOTE: These steps may vary based operating system.
    1. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes.
    2. Right-click on the icon with the name of the printer and choose ” the Use the Printer Online ” from Menu.
    3. If you can print, connect the device through a USB hub.
      If you do not print, reinstall the driver.
  • Try reinstalling the driver with your brother machine directly connected to your computer. The latest drivers are available in the section “shafts download” of Brother Solutions Center.

    If the driver reinstallation does not continue after the instruction to connect the USB cable to your computer (The window is Connect the machine), review related FAQs in the bottom of the page.

  • Use HUB, which has an independent power source. This allows the connection to depend less on power supplied by the computer itself.
  • Change the port. Not all ports provide the same power and changing the connection can also solve the problem.
    • (if available) If you want to use USB 2.0, use a USB cable with logo USB Hub 3.0. Website:
    • Even if the cable you have covered the specifications listed below, we can not guarantee that your Brother product will work when connected through a USB hub.
  • Not all USB cables are the same. Some USB cables will not work when connected to your printer / MFC via a USB hub or PC. We recommend that the cables you use to have maintained the following specifications:
    1. Cable with a twisted pair
    2. Shielded
    3. No longer than 6 feet (2 meters)
  • Check the status of the printer. If set to pause, right click on the printer icon, and select resume printing. (If the menu reads pause printing, there is no problem in the status of the printer.)