How to Clean Kitchen Extractor Hood

Even though we are in the summer (at least in the northern hemisphere) we have to clean.
It is true that the campaign is of those appliances that don’t feel like cleaning ever, if anything, we give a pasadita above and already is. But did you know that most of the fires in kitchens are caused precisely by campaigns too dirty hoods?

So: imagine a frying pan that you forget in the fire. Imagine that oil overheats and starts to burn. Quickly looking for a large enough lid and drown the fire, and there has just the thing. Those who cook often has happened once right? But imagine that your hood is full of fat and that residues fat turns on with the flames of the pan… There we have a problem!

I don’t know, maybe making this exercise of imagination to convince you that it needs to be clean campaign…
In any case, if you are going to clean up, I recommend you to use the trick I tell you today. Not only will you get that it is cleaner but that you’ll also clean in much less time and with less effort. I hope that you watch the video and check it. If you like share it with your friends. To view the video directly on You tube click here

I hope you like it, and if at any time you have any questions to ask me without any problem.

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