How to Choose a Vintage Engagement Ring

When planning a marriage proposal all passionate person has a big question: the vintage style engagement rings. The engagement is definitely the most important action that precedes the preparations for the big day being marked forever as a special date.

The antique ring jewelry started to become a tradition in 860 by Pope Nicholas decree, which must established as a public statement of commitment to the intention of the bride and groom, and should be used by both on the ring finger of the right hand. This tradition is adopted by most couples in Brazil, using the same engagement ring as a wedding ring, just changing from right hand to left.

In 1477 started the tradition of giving a loved one with an engagement ring diamond, unlike the original tradition, in which case only one of the bride and groom use the ring. The diamond ring is the strength of the relationship, since it lasts forever, and it is believed that marriage should be: eternal. The tradition of the diamond engagement ring is very adopted by English – speaking

How to Choose a Vintage Engagement Ring

countries like the United States and England. In this case, the diamond ring is worn on the left hand until the wedding day, being exchanged for the right hand to place the wedding ring, which will also be used by the partner. Another option is to use the alliance of diamonds along with the wedding ring on the same finger.

Tips on choosing the engagement ring

When choosing the engagement ring in Brazil are chosen 18 or 24k gold rings, may be chosen by the couple or, in the case of a surprise, only one of the grooms. In the case of surprise request, be sure to set the size of the alliance: You can take a person’s ring and buy the engagement ring based on size. If feasible, ask a friend or friend to use the old trick of the line or string, which should be wrapped around the finger and tied to mark the size correctly.

There are some options on the market that can make the engagement rings special items.


This engagement ring model is the most widely adopted by couples and can be 18K or 24K , as well as having a more affordable price. The models are usually equal to couple and have a thin thickness on average. As will be the same used in marriage alliances, ideally the day before taking them to the jeweler to polish, so that are shining like new on the big day.


This type of engagement ring is usually sold in 18 or 24k gold having a thickness of up to 1cm, making its slightly higher price. Although not adopted by most couples, they are also quite used. They can be found in full gold models or mixed with silver.

Pocked feature

The studded engagement rings have a higher price and are usually found in thick models, may have a strip studded by diamonds or other stone preference of the couple. There are also models with just a single stone, and models with several scattered around the circumference or only in a specific part of the alliance.


This engagement ring model is ideal for a couple seeking something different. There are two rings made of the same material, but have a detail that joining with the alliance of the beloved form a complete design, with a special meaning for the couple. They are found in thick models and the most requested model is the heart, where half is in an alliance and the other, the partner alliance. Another option besides the designs are alliances with phrases that complement each written inside the circle or out.


These alliances are also ideal for couples in love, as they may contain an important phrase for newlyweds, a special date, the name of each other or what is desired. They are found in coarse basic designs may be fully or pocked in some detail.

Bright Ring

Although not adopted by most Brazilian, the tradition of brilliant bands is coming to power in Brazil. Ideal for surprise marriage proposals, this kind of alliance is often more expensive and is suitable for those who have a bigger budget. The alliance of bright is only used by one of the parties to the right hand, it can be found in fine, medium and coarse models and can be fully studded and the larger main diamond or a loner, containing only one diamond. On the wedding day, the bride and groom exchange rings with wedding rings and diamond engagement ring can continue on the ring finger of the right hand or be used together with the ring on her left hand.

Another option is to buy engagement rings equal to the couple and an alliance of bright to be used only by one party. In this case, the alliance of bright is used in the left hand and the alliance normal engagement is used in the right hand, being exchanged on the wedding day.

Regardless of the model chosen, the engagement ring is the beginning of the final union symbol and will be part of the couple’s memory forever. Choose the one that best fits not only in your finger, but also your budget and relationship.