How to Choose the Shape of Sunglasses?

The ultimate accessory for the holidays? The Sun of course! This summer a single objective: to blow the mind.Acetate, titanium or metal by Krys on through Ray – Ban and Chanel, Dior discover thirteen ways to show off in the Sun. Attention the eyes!

Every year it’s the same story… What sunglasses choose to show off on the beaches?

To help you, Cosmo took 13 pairs of sunglasses more Golden than the other.

  • Round sunglasses

Sunglasses Ray-Ban, Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren are round and original. Metal or acetate, you have the choice with help of

This round shape and discreet will particularly suit women who have square or rectangular face.

  • Square sunglasses

Titanium or acetate, Chanel, John Galliano, Thierry Lasry and Céline have chosen to address a square shape for their solar.

This type of Mount is ideal for smoothing the lines of round faces.

  • Butterfly sunglasses

“Butterfly” frames proposed by Dior, Cutler and Gross, and the House of optics highlight the acetate.

Original frames with warm colors that challenge the glasses “Butterfly” to the taste of the day, and who value the faces shaped triangle.

  • Aviator sunglasses

The aviator mount review by Ray-Ban launched the trend a few years ago. Today, Hogan, Krys and Carrera joining form and offer their models in acetate and metal.

This mount has become cult will beautify the oval faces, but also the square faces, already fans of round frames.