How to Choose the Right Fishing Lures

The fishing with lure is a technique very effectively. Them there are of all the forms, colors and textures. Discover its features for which best fits your type of fishing.

Metal lures

This type of lure stands out for its strength and durability. There are different types of lures metal:

The spoons:

They can be undulating or rolling. The particularity of these lures is that they emit strong light flashes and produce vibrations in the water. These lures can be collected linearly or sawtooth (making short pauses to pick up the bait).

Caperlan-#Truco: uses a swivel with the spoon, this will extend the life of the line and prevent the line from kinking.


This lure is “all-rounder”. Allows to move the branches and above aquatic plants. It is also very easy to animate, that is collected in a linear manner mode launch – collect.

The jigs:

The jigs are a few heavy metal lures, which, unlike the teaspoons, not describe waves. As they are very heavy, they used to fish near the bottom or in the streams. They will be very effective if we pull them neatly making short breaks.

Flexible lures

Flexible lures are very effective, especially in the currents or in deep waters.

Swimmers fish

Swimmers fish are a hard plastic lures that are very versatile. Them there are of all the colors and of all the forms.


Now you know differentiate the decoys and their uses. We hope that this will help you choose which will allow you to catch more fish.