How to Choose Pillow Filling

Choosing the right pillow and blanket is a real challenge. The exceptional variety of textures, shapes and whatnot never easy choosing us, forcing us to stay in the store, wondering what to stop.

To facilitate your decision, we decided to give you a summary of that to which we reached after a thorough examination.

For pillow

The filling of the pillow is of utmost importance.

Goose down guarantees you a nice soft feel, but is contraindicated in people with allergies.

Pillows with memory foam are suitable for people with back problems since distributes weight evenly, especially for white pillow cases. For more, see

Those made ​​from polyester you are less durable, but comfortable and relatively inexpensive. Everyone has different preferences on height and firmness of your pillow, but things still need to consider are:

1. People who sleep side need a more solid, stable bag that provides the neck and head.

2. For those of you who sleep on their backs is recommended medium hardness and height pillow that will ensure comfort.

3. Soft pillows are for people who sleep mostly on your stomach.