How to Choose Lighting for a Room

Your room isn’t just a simple place to sleep. It is the place where advocates of different activities: watch TV, read a book, dress, make-up, fulfil a conjugal duty… It is therefore necessary to have a lights also various and varied. Kosilum offers you so many lights to settle each of your activities. For the main lighting, who will dominate the room by its design structure and its superior light output, it would be interesting to place a ceiling in the center of the room. To a room, simply opt for a ceiling of modest size, which broadcasts a sufficient light to enlighten you to common as activities theskin. In this case, prefer him light Aphyse, very trendy at the moment!

How to Choose Lighting for a Room

For a corner of the room, above a Chair or hairdresser, it would be wise to place a suspension design Lorma.

Sound original design will also filter the light and can be used to ambient light. Ideal for the bedroom! For a cosy atmosphere and relaxing Nothing beats a good design applies. Perfect for read or to give a romance, the Red applique Colorado is made for you!

This isn’t because we’re design that one exception to the rule. Don’t forget to ask a lamp on your table and let illuminate you by its soft warm light in the cold night. For more fame, amaze your family through the lamp ‘Elise”, seen on TV in the show D & CO of M6!

Don’t neglect your children! They also have the right to have a chic projection light fixtures and trends… adapted to their size and their little hands of course. Give them a cat-shaped mood night light.

Adorable, this little kitten will be the companion for your children.Benefiting from the LED technology. This lamp does not heat and will not burn them. In addition, she has no sharp corners. Very playful, feel free to ask in the room from your Cherubim as protective light. To coordinate all your lamps/sconces/ceiling, do not hesitate to call to a lampshades. These elements of decorations, sometimes forgotten, yet are very trendy and allow not only of sift a light (ideal for a room) but also to enhance the room more. The Lamp shade Adeline will be able to enrich the lining of your room while agreeing with the warm and soft light that diffuses our lights .

Finally, to complete the decoration of your room, nothing but a silky rugand soft, called Shaggy carpet . Opt for a brown color to make your room more luxurious and cosy, agreeing with all the furniture and fixtures. You won’t be cold feet when you get off the bed!

This combinations of lights and decorations for the room are only one example among many others. You can create you even light association.To get an idea, why not visit our online store?