How to Choose LED Color Temperature

The choice of color temperature is very important according to the record you want.

You will find three kinds of different color, cool white, white “Daylight” and warm white.

The cold white is pure white on the edge of the blue, it gradually disappears too cold for its lighting, making her uncomfortable use in living rooms.

The white “daylight” is the perfect blend of warm white and cool white, this compromise allows pleasant lighting while keeping the white neutral rendered without or white / blue or yellow, ideal for those who wish separate from their yellow halogen bulbs and switch to a beautiful white light.

Warm white is a yellow tinted white approaching the lighting halogen bulbs like original. Ideal for a halogen bulb to LED without changing his habits (except the electricity bill)

Lumens per Watt Calculator

On the data sheets of LED bulbs, we can find a lot of information but how to decrypt them.

The value that we find most often is the value in lumens. According to ListofLEDLights, the basic calculation is simple 1000-1250 lumens = 100W rendering. But beware the true rendering Installed home! On Our site, is also indicated light output, test results in real conditions which gives a clearer idea of what the bulb will once installed you.

For example for the COB 5W 400lm LED bulb, it should make only 40W of real power and yet if you look closely the data sheet, in real conditions, releases approximately 50W of real power.

The information on consumption in Watts is important to consider! Why?Just because some LED bulbs are inefficient compared to another and it is not uncommon to find bulbs consuming twice what is advertised for the same light output.