How to Choose Dryer Cleaning Machine

The Dryer is based on two types of functions: condensation or evacuation. Less energy-intensive, it is an amazing piece of technology.

The dryer top or front end

The dryer, as well as the washing machine, comes in two versions: top or window. The top model opens upwards, while the dryer at window load from the front. Mainly available “free-standing”, it can be placed on the machine to wash with a stacking kit. It is also built-in. The maximum capacity of the dryer oscillates between 5 and 9 kg.

The Condensation Dryer

The condensation dryer installs easily and especially if you live in an apartment, because it works in a closed circuit. Textiles fibers extracted water is condensed, and then stored in a tank designed to that effect. Two constraints still exist. It is necessary, firstly, to empty the tray regularly. On the other hand, the condenser must be cleaned several times in the year, in order to maintain optimal performance. This element is, on some models, self-cleaning.

The Condensation Heat Pump Dryer

A variant of the condensation dryer is. A heat pump replaces the heating resistance. Rated A +, or even A +++, this device consumes much less electricity. Its another asset: he respects more laundry. The used air is, most often, kept at a temperature of 60 ° C instead of 80 ° C.

The Dryer To Evacuation

The dryer to evacuation requires some work before installation. Indeed, he rejects the steam outwards through a ventilation duct. This must be a minimum of 1 m 20 long and be willing to 30 cm from the ground. The strength of the dryer to evacuation his extremely simple maintenance.

The energy of your dryer label

Power consumption, sound level or duration of the drying cycle, the energy label brings valuable information on your dryer. It allows you to make real savings on your energy bill. Note, the energy class extends from the letter A +++ (excellent) to D (poor).

The ingenious your dryer options

The dryer continues to offer innovations for a single purpose: improve your daily life. Most of the machines are equipped with an electronic probe, which automatically stops the cycle when it detects that the laundry is dry. Drying finished, the machine continues to stir the laundry until you get out. This device avoids the rustle of clothing. The delicate fabrics can now switch to the dryer. In this case, the device offers a milder weather. Side maintenance, the condensation dryer has a direct evacuation kit. The tray is easier to empty at the end of each cycle.