How to Choose a Good Bikini for Your Body Type

How about enjoying the heat you’re doing wearing a bikini that makes you more confident? The choice of a Bleep-blop right for your body type makes a difference. You can, for example, to hide the protruding belly or give the impression that your butt is bulkier.

PEAR (small breasts and hips)

At the top: The ideal is to draw attention to the top and bet on a piece that helps to give the illusion of volume. Top front-only (tied at the neck) gives sensation of wider shoulders and balances the silhouette. To increase the volume of breasts, nothing better than the models with adjustable straps and mooring or clasp in front to give push-up effect. Details like draping, Ruffles, sequins and stones applications also help to highlight the region and add volume.

Below: Keep a low profile on the underside not to emphasize even more the hips. A smooth and neutral color panties will fulfill this function. Other than that, you can use a pair of panties. This model tends to stretch and thin legs.

Inverted triangle (big breasts and narrow hips)

At the top: In this case, it is necessary to divert attention from breasts and use a piece that give support – and don’t let anything escape from bikini. The half-cup model with, but no Cup, is a good option to give support. Bet also in those who have wide straps, as the front only and v-necks.

Below: The ideal is to use smaller panties or with details such as bows, Ruffles, buckles, sparkles etc, to enhance and increase the butt.

Oval (waist wider than shoulders and hips)

To hide the tummy, the suggestion is wearing panties with high waistband, as the hot pants, preferably not showing the stomach below the navel-or viewing a small part of it. The straps should always be wider and more discrete parts. Another tip is to use vertical stripes and diagonals that help create the illusion that the body is more thin and elongated. The indication is to use more structured and firm parts: prefer a pair of panties and a top closer to balance with my belly bigger than shoulders and hips.

There was a time that the small bikinis were preferred. This summer, panties with larger moulds fell in taste the famous and gained prominence on the sands. And it wasn’t just the bottom part that arose, but the tops too.

According to the experts, the trend is back with a vengeance. In addition to rescuing the past, fashion returned to Brazil also influenced from abroad. She said that the consumption of larger parts increased greatly. Even more when we have some detail more unglued, as leaked and strips.

Rectangle (similar measures)

At the top: Strapless structured, crimped or twisted in the Center, with or without central anchorage stuck in neck, large prints, mainly geometrical and floral, light colors or vibrant and brightness create an optical illusion on that part of the body and are great to highlight it.

Below: In this body that does not have a lot of curves, try to create them with a thong with Ruffles, bows and other details to add volume. If you have a butt, but there’s no hip, knickers with wide strips tied on both sides solved that problem, according to Juliana.

Hourglass (guitar)

Women with this body have more balanced measures and, therefore, can use all types of bikini. The triangle model adapts well to the guitar. Despite that kind of body combine with everything, there’s a warning: always remember to use firm materials and parts of the right size for fabric-left and not miss!