How to Budget for a Wedding

Summer is the time of weddings … moments of great joy, emotion and fun, but also for expenses and thoughts to be flawless in an important day for friends, family and friends. So we thought why not create a stylish outfits, stylish and low cost to impress all the guests on a budget ?!

Summer, wedding time.

For years now the main mood seems to be to get married outdoors, with a very American.

colorful flowers, large tables, ecological lamps, large expanses of grass. Particular energy and magic that even in Italy is becoming increasingly popular, transforming a formal ceremony like marriage in a more friendly feast, both for the couple and for the guests.

Bubbles, photobooth and funny little favors the most loved gadgets.

The problem, after years of marriage in classical style, set in the time of the outfit choice. Why to a shabby-chic style wedding no one can definitely present on race heels and slits.

Even the guest has its own importance in the most beautiful day of the style.

Our advice is to focus on simplicity and comfort but without forgetting a touch of color.
In the great dispute between short dress and long, we wanted to be democratic and choose an elegant length dress, right just below the knees.

A coral color that enhances the olive skin but at the same time makes it even more ethereal ones most optimistic. Ideal then for all, also as regards the color of the hair. Brunette or blond, the WOW effect is guaranteed.

Get it here:  MINT & BERRY – Summer Dress

The bag is strictly clutch, with a small shoulder for unleashing hidden in unimpeded dances.

The trovi that: ISIS – Cover
Colorful but flat shoes. Face a grass marriage with heels is nothing short of indecent. Better to choose the flat shoes, comfortable but classy.

You can find them here: EVEN & ODD – Pumps with strap
Glasses blacks sun and large, Audrey style, to hide the excitement and shelter from the sun before sunset.

You can find them here:  LE SPECS – SWIZZLE – Sunglasses

As accessories best not to overdo it.

A necklace ton-sur-ton and is ideal for a touch, Desigual colored rings replicating the color of the shoes, and in this case we can say that so on and so forth.

You will make a great impression without seeming excessive, you will be comfortable and aperitif on the dancefloor, and pastels, super must of the season, will make you feel princesses timeless.